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Who is the richest penguin on Club Penguin?

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2011-04-05 17:01:50

The money on cp accounts is constantly changing, the richest

penguin ever known in the history of cp was Aqua Icicle. If you

want to be the richest penguin around then search around! There are

loads of money makers, here are some good ones... (downloadable, virus and spyware free),

penguin storm (downloadable, virus and spyware free), penguin lodge

club penguin money maker (sometimes down and unusable)...

Always check the website it comes from before you use it, view

comments, check it is usable for your type of computer... I have

used the three above and they are completely safe, but still check

that it is usable for your computer!

If you have a particular money maker that you know is good and

that it works then feel free to add it here...

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