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CHARLES DURNING VETERAN OF DDAY...SILVER STAR AND 3 PURPLE HEARTS Charles Durning was an actor who started in "Tootsie" and "O Brother Where Art Thou", and "The Best Little $$$$$ House in Texas"(his Oscar Nomination). He also starred as the priest on "Everybody Loves Raymond". However, Durning was not the 2nd highest decorated soldier in WW2. He did land on Omaha beach and on 15 June was wounded in several places by an S-Mine. He recovered and was present at the Battle of the Bulge. Audie Murphy, of 3rd Infantry Division. However, I don't know of any TV shows he acted in. He was in many movies and especially Westerns.

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Q: Who is the second highest decorated veteran of World War 2 that became a TV actor?
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