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Q: Who is the singer of all ultraman cosmos song?
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Who is Eminem's backup singer for the song Not Afraid?

There is no backup singer, its all Eminem.

Who is the lead singer in one direction in the song one thing?

There is no lead singer, all of them have solos.

What singer did the song All By Myself first?

Eric Carmen

Which singer sings the song two weeks?

All That Reamins

What is a Cosmos?

Cosmos is generally used as synonym of the word universe.The cosmos or universe is defined as the summation of all particles and energy that exist and the space-time in which all events occur.

Who sang the song All I Want Is You?

Paul Hewson, who uses "Bono" as his stage name is the lead singer of the group known as U2 (from Ireland), and is the singer who sang the song All Want Is You.

Does the Cosmos have a Consciousness?

Some people believe the cosmos has a consciousness. Most, however, don't believe that the cosmos has a consciousness at all and is just a collection of matter.

Can a singer songwriter take a song from YouTube an put it in an album?

does you tube have all copyright laws for a song

What female sings the target theme song?

The female singer for the Target Song is a Female you idiot !(: Just kidding. Its Shania Jenson She is my all-time Favorite singer!

Who was the original singer of the song all by myself?

Eric Carmen was the artist. LISA

Makin' love out of nothin' at all song singer?

The band was Air Supply.

Who is the lead singer in all-star by Smash Mouth?

The song All Star was linked to the movie Mystery Men and featured prominently in the film. It is by the band Smash Mouth and the lead singer for the song is Steve Harwell.

Who is the singer of old school undertaker theme song?

the undertaker doesnt have a singer to his old song but FYI all his songs were produced by WWE's main producer jim johnstone

Who is the bald white female singer who cried during her hit song?

Sinead O'Connor, Nothing compares to you.. still a great song after all these years sung by a talented and beutiful singer.

Who is the singer in the song Photograph by Nickelback?

Chad Kroeger, Nickleback's main lead singer, sings the song Photograph. The song was released in 2005 on their album, "All the right Reasons" and the video for the song was filmed in their home town of Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

What famous singer has a song titled 'All The Way'?

The song entitled 'All The Way' came out in 1950 and has been sung by many great singers. But the most famous singer to have sung this beautiful song was Frank Sinatra also known as 'old blue eyes.'

Who is the singer of the 80's song and it's all because of you?

Cover Girls-1988

What is the name of the song in the sprint pcs commercial that has all guitar and a male singer?

alex murdock all of my days

Is All Around Me by Flyleaf a Christian song?

Technically, yes. But, the lead singer, who wrote the song, doesn't ever specify whether or not it's a "Christian song".

Does anyone know where can i watch the ultraman dyna series in cantonese?

Im currently uploading Ultraman Dyna Series all in cantonese on youtube. Here's the link and enjoy!

Who sings the song prefect?

P!nk which is just Pink. Fav singer of all time! :)

Will a guy like you if you write a song for him?

If you're a good singer then yes...and if its about all the good things about him

Who is the lead singer in All I Do by B5?

The lead singer in the song "All I Do" by B5 is the Breeding brothers. The names of the five Breeding brothers (B5) are Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell and Bryan.

Can the lg cosmos touch send picture messages?

yea all phones today can send pic messages. i have the cosmos touch and love it :)

What singer is famous for the song All Around the World?

The band Oasis is famous for this song called All around the world. They are a English Rock band and this particular song was written by the lead guitarist Noel Gallagher.