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its Selena Gomez who was singing

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Demi Did you like singing with Selena?

Demetria Lovato edmited that she liked singing with Selena Gomez and if i was singing (I love singing) with one of my best friends Elizabeth I would love to sing with her and it would be so much fun

How does Selena gomez show empathy?

Selena Gomez shows empathy by singing, and showing her love for music to everyone.

What is Selena Gomez beach dress is called in i love you like a love song?

selena gomez is not a chrisain and i like selena gomez songs and i love you like a love song baby i like that song bye

Does Selena Gomez love apples?

Yes Selena Gomez does like apples!

Is James Maslow friends with Selena gomez?

no there in love james like selena gomez and selena like james

Why does Selena Gomez like about her job?

Selena like that her fans that support her and love her

Is Selena gomez in love?

newtest3 yes Selena Gomez is in love

Does Justin bieber love Selena gomez like a lover?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are lovers:)

What is selena gomez 4th song?

Love you like a love song

Are you like Selena gomez?

I think you meant " Do You Like Selena Gomez ? " Well, i dont know about the others but i TOTALLY LOVE HER. She is my life <3

What would Selena gomez like her name to be?

SELENA GOMEZ would you like your name to be ashley by the way my name is amaya love you bye

Why does Selena gomez love Justin beaber?

Selena gomez luzs justin bieber because she like gay people

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