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The Strongest Person in the video game DragonballZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is considered to be the fusion Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. This is due to the fact he is the strongest character in the series, and, according to Destruction Points, he has the highest number out of everybody(10).

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Who is the weakest character in dbz bt 3?


Who is the strongest character in comic stars fighting 3?


What is the character move set in dbz tenkaichi 3?

Goku ssj4 or Kid Goku GT or kid Gohan

How many seasons of DBZ are there?

db:3 dbz:4 dbgt:3

Can you play dbz b3 online?

DBZ Budokai 3? no you cant unless there is a internet connect for PSX 2 for DBZ Budokai 3

Can you create characters in dbz bt 3?

No, but maybe you can in dbz bt4

How can you get ss3 vegeta in dbz raging blast?

You can unlock him by earning 20 stars, then buying the secret battle for the what-if saga called "The strongest super saiyan 3". Complete it, and you will unlock him.

Which game is better Mario Kart Wii or DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3?

DBZ Budoki Tenkaichi 3

How do you get goku ssj5 in dbz budokai tenchikai 3?

u can not get gouk ssj5 in dbz budokai tenchikai 3 ...........

Can a password character from Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 2 be used in Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 3?

No, DBZ BT 2 passwords can not be used on DBZ BT 3. I just tryed typeing a password form BT2 and it sayed it was a wrong password.

Will there be another dbz game that comes out after dbz ultimate tenkaichi?

i can list all like budokai 1 budokai 2 budokai 3 budokai tenkachi 1 budokai tenkachi 2 budokai tenkachi 3 dbz raging blast dbz burst limit dbz raging blast 2 dbz tenkachi tag team dbz shin budokai dbz shin budokai 2 dbz ultimate tenkachi this last one you should get it just came out it is so awsome

Can you create a character on dragonballz tenkaichi 3?

Sorry,I wish,but no. Tenkaichi 4(DBZ) is rumored to have one though,so don't feel bad. Sorry,I wish,but no. Tenkaichi 4(DBZ) is rumored to have one though,so don't feel bad.

What game is teen goten in?

DBZ Budokai 3 DBZ Budokai 2 wong teen gohan is there game but teen goten is not ever in dbz game

What is the Dragon Ball Z latest series?

Dbz budukai tenkaichi 3 & dbz ultimate tenkaichi

How is the strongest character is dynasty warriors 3?

Lu Bu, he is the strongest you have to fight him on the battle of Hu Lao Gate and at Xia Pi castle along with Diao Chan and Zhang Liao.

Who is the best character in Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 3?

The Best Character in dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 is Gogeta SUPER SAIYAN 4Only because he is worth 10 in destruction points, which is the highest and most points in the entire game.

Can broly turn super saiyan 3 in DBz tenkaichi 3?

No. His super saiyan 3 form is only in DBZ Raging Blast 1 and 2. Sorry!

Which is better DBZ budaki Tenkaichi 2 or 3?


Are there cheats for dbz budokai 3?


Who is the strongest character in Naruto Shippuden clash of the ninja revolution 3?

hidan because he has a one-hit ko technique.

Which dbz game has most characters?

dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 did at one point but I'm not sure if it still does.

Game Dragon Ball Z?

There are many games involving dbz... Dbz ultimate battle 22 -playstation 1 Dbz Shin bodakai - PSP Dbz shin bodakai another road - PSP Dbz bodakai - Gamecube, PS2, etc... Dbz bodakai 2 - Gamecube PS2, Etc... Dbz bodakai 3 - Gmaecube, PS2 Etc... Dbz Bodakai tenkaichi , PS2 Dbz bodakai tenkaichi 2, PS2 Dbz bodakai tenkaichi 3 - Wii Dbz sagas - Gamecube,Xbox, PS2 Dbz The legacy of Goku - Gameboy advance or sp Dbz the legacy of goku 2 -Gameboy advance or sp Dbz buus fury - Gameboy advance or sp DBGt transformation - Gameboy advance or sp Dbz supersonic warriors - Gameboy advance or sp Dbz supersonic warriors 2 - Nintendo ds Dbz collectible card game - Gameboy advance or sp DBZ Harukanaru Densetsu - Nintendo ds Dbz Burst Limit - PS2, Xbox360, PS3 etc.. Dbz burst Limit 2 coming soon....

Is bulma playable?

no bulma is not playable but she appears in dbz games u can see bulma in dbz budokai 3 cutscenes

Does dbz budokai 3 go into dbgt?


Will dbz budokai 3 come out for GameCube?