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Who is the strongest hero?


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i think goku is the strongest because hes tough and never gives up and hes awsome he was able to defeat frieza and cell all at once and he was at the age of 10


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the strongest hero is the faceless void

The strongest Greek hero was Heracles.(Hercules was his Roman name)

hulk is the strongest super hero

ulfsaar is the strongest hero because its skills are very saddistic and very furious. . .

In Level 25For me, the strongest hero in dota is Terrorblade because of its last skill that can change its life to another.

the strongest setinel hero is Ulfsaar(Ursa Warrior)because he skills are very saddistic and furious

He could be. Superman could be stronger.

The strongest hero in strength is centaur warchief bradwarden because if you have vanguard and hood of defiance you can never kill centaur with your weak moves

IT is between Him and DR Manhattan

The strongest villian is Buu when he absorbed Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten. The strongest hero is Mystic Gohan and Goku SSj3. The strongest fusion is Vegito, the fusion form of Goku and Vegeta.

hulk, because he is the world's strongest superhero. no not just the strongest super hero the strongest one there is but power girl and super girl could beat him

Hero 108 - 2010 Terra Cotta Warriors Strongest Punch and Kick was released on: USA: 5 June 2012

It depends on what moves you teach it and the dungeons that you face.

All are strong it depends on your game play !! :D

It might be Doctor Strange,Thanos or Hulkbuster.

If you ask me the strongest super hero (strong, not intelligent) would probably be... DC comics: Superman... Marvel: Thulk... (The thulk was in a what if comic when a nuclear mishap mixed both The Thing, and the Hulk together). The strongest would be Galactus, he eats planets! There is also a hero called Antman, he's small but strong.i think that marvel comics the hulk and dc comics green lantern

actually there's no particular strongest hero in DOTA because all of the heroes are balanced. the strength of the hero depends on the player who handles them.To answers this question, here is the list of top ten strongest hero in dota.(in random)1. Luna Moonfang2. NightCrawler3. Bloodseeker4. Troll WarLord5. Chaos Knight6. Phantom Assassin7. Faceless Void8. Vengeful Spirit9. Rogue Knight10. Knight Davion

the strongest hero are: Strength: melee-axe range:huskar Agility: melee: ulfsaar range: jah'rakal Intelligence: melee: ogre magi range: zeus

Probably Shining Phoenix Enforcer. He can't be destroyed by battle and gains 300 atk points for each E-Hero in your graveyard.

The void is obvisly stronger but Hero brine is the third strongest person in vannila minecraft first is The void second is the Ender dragon.

The mastiff is the strongest dog in the world. The Great Dane is a close second. The Saint Bernard is known as a rescue and hero dog, coming in third place.

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