Who is the strongest superhero?

Note: Strength is on a 1-7 scale with 7 being the strongest.

1. Superman- Stongest superhero, supersonic speed, bulletproof, blowing strength and most importantly can fly anywhere in galaxy. Only weakness is kryptonite and Alias Clark Kent.

2. Thor- Norse God, 7 strength, ability to fly, wields Mjollnir. Weakness is his Father Odin, and needs hammer for power.

3. Silver Surfer- 7 strength, supersonic speed. Weaknesses are, Lives a human life as Norrin Radd. Rides a surf board, needs it for power.

4. Hulk- 7 strength, 2nd strongest super hero behind Superman. Weakness is that he cannot fly, and you can plunge him with a serum to get him back to Bruce Banner.

5. Professor X- Mind control, Leader of X men, Mastermind, cunning, smart.

6. Namor- Ruler of the ocean, controls it, (Like Posideon) 7 strength

7. Iron Man- Can fly, indestructable, superior weaponry.

8. Spider Man- Agile, smart, can hide, get anywhere, hide in dark, imagine this Spider Man has a legion of baddies arch enemies and he always gets through them all.. Spidey always has a way to outsmart and win in a fight.

9. Jean Gray- The Phoenix, enough said.

10. Human Torch- Controls flame and can fly.

superman is the strongest superhero because he has endless amount of strength without kryptonight he's unstoppable

As is the case with all comics, it depends on which company, generation and writers involved. The strongest hero of all time in comics is probably Earth 1 Superman, pre-Crisis, but again there are always individual examples and unique stories (ex. the original Star Boy before he was de-powered in Legion of Super-Hero's from the 70's).