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Who is the top club team in Brazil?

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1.Sao Paulo 2. Flamengo 3. Santos

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What Haiti favorite soccer team?

Brazil and Argentina but the top one is Brazil Brazil and Argentina but the top one is Brazil

What soccer league is Brazil in?

Brazil are no a club level team, therefore they play internationaly

What football team has a sailing ship and footballs logo?

Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama, one of the top clubs in Brazil.

Who is the best team in FIFA?

In Fifa 09 the best club team is Manchester Utd. and the best international team is Brazil!

What team did ronaldinho play for first?

His first big club was Gremio in Brazil.

What team did Ronaldinho's older brother play for?

It was a club in Brazil , may be Gremio or Flamenggo.

Who are the top 10 football teams with most trophies?

if its national its Brazil then Italy...... for club there are too many club teams to answer

What football team does johnny bravo play for?

sancho pallo fc(brazil soccer club)

What team does kaka play for currently 2011?

kaka plays for Brazil as a international and his club is real Madrid

What soccer team does juninho play for?

Juninho plays his club football in Brazil , he may have even retired.

Which is the ronaldhino club in FIFA 12?

Ronaldinho plays for a Brazilian team in the Liga do Brazil called Flamengo.

Who is the top scorer in the Brazil team?

In world cup it is Ronaldo , in Brazilian soccer it is Pele.

Who is the best team soccer such FIFA?

S.C. Internacional from the south of Brazil, they won the FIFA Club World Championship in 2006.

Club Penguin beta team?

you cant get a hat but this week you can click the beta at the top of the screen and click beta team.

Witch football club won the top league in 1998?

luke Owens team

With soccer team is the best in the world?

The best team has to be BrazilThis might be so in international football, but in international club football, it has to be that Barcelona is the best; though the club was recently beaten by one of the English clubs - Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspurs.

Who is the best soccer team?

The best national soccer team is Brazil due to winning 5 world cups the most out of any country. The best club is Barcelona FC.

What are top thirty pharmaceutical companies in Brazil?

what are the top pharmaceutical companies in brazil

What is the best FIFA soccer team in 2009?

In the July rankings by F.I.F.A it is Brazil who beat Spain for top post.

What Is The name of famous football team Brazil?


Witch team is better Brazil or England?


Which is the only team to Brazil in world cups?


How did ronaldo Brazil died?

The striker from Brazil , called Ronaldo Lima is not dead he is playing his club football in Brazil.

What is the top jobs in Brazil?

the top jobs in brazil is police. Because then you have the rights and the law on your side.

When did Top Club end?

Top Club ended in 1998.