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The Japanese voice actor for Roy Mustang is Shinichiro Miki and the English voice actor is Travis Willingham.

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Q: Who is the voice actor for roy mustang?
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When was Roy Mustang created?

Roy Mustang was created in 2001.

Is Roy Mustang Russian?


What is the sexual orientation of Roy Mustang?

No Roy Mustang is not gay. He falls in love with one of the FEMALE captains serving under him

When was Roy Stuart - actor - born?

Roy Stuart - actor - was born in 1927.

When did Roy Stuart - actor - die?

Roy Stuart - actor - died in 2005.

Is a Voice Actor a type of actor?

A voice actor can be hired to do narrations, voice-overs or other creative performances with their voice. You can hire a voice actor on the website Fiverr, by adding the command below to the URL :-) /jack_kellems/do-a-voice-over-for-you

Does Roy Mustang lose an arm?

As far as the manga goes Roy mustang has not lost an arm. He has however become blind as of chapter 102.

Who is going to be hiden's voice actor?

In English his voice actor is David Vincent. In Japanese his voice actor is Masaki Terasoma.

Who is the voice actor for solid snake?

The English voice actor is David Hayter. And his Japanese voice actor is Akio Ootsuka.

When is Roy Mustang's birthday?

The fictional character Roy Mustang (Roi Masutangu) is a state alchemist and colonel, in his late 30s or early 40s. He isn't very serious about his job, and is a notorious womanizer, but he wants to become Fuhrer and has excellent tactical skills.

Who would win in a fight Roy Mustang or Severus Snape?

Roy Mustang. He has a full flipping army and military back up. Plus, he's awesome.

How tall is Roy Mustang?

175 M About 5ft 9