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it has been rumored that Annette Bening was the model..

Jane Chester Bartholomew this is my great is a link to the story in People Magazine thank you,,20066290,00.html

Read more: Discuss:Who_is_the_women_that_modelled_for_the_Columbia_Pictures_Icon_she_stands_like_the_statue_of_liberty_and_has_a_blue_shawl_wrapped_around_her_shoulders

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When was the Columbia Pictures Statue of Liberty icon first unveiled?

Evelyn Venable who was the wife of a cinamatographer during the 1930's.

Was the statue of liberty influenced by roman art?

The Statue of Liberty was made in the Neoclassical style. This style was modelled on Roman sculpture and Roman architecture.

What woman modelled for the Statue of Liberty?

Historians have different hypothesis about the model who inspired Bartholdi for Liberty statue, and no certainty. According to some sources (including the Bartholdi museum in Colmar, eastern France), the face of the statue was modelled after the visage of his mother, Charlotte Bartholdi.

Inception date of the Columbia Acorn International Fund?

The name change was on October 13, 2003 when Liberty became Columbia. The Liberty Acorn Foreign Forty fund became Columbia Acorn International Select fund. The URL source is'Columbia'+Selected+as+the+Consistent+Brand+Name+for+All+Liberty+and...-a0108795942 The free library by Farlex has an article titled "'Columbia' Selected as the Consistent Brand Name for All Liberty and Columbia Mutual Funds and Related Businesses."

Liberty City is a fictional city in which video game?

Liberty City is a fictional city within the Grand Theft Auto series of video games, made by Rockstar Games. Liberty City is modelled on New York City.

Who is on the liberty or victory nickel?

Liberty Nickels The picture on the liberty or V nickel is Lady Liberty. See the pictures on eBay by typing in Liberty V nickel.

Is the statue of liberty a portrait of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi's mother?

In a way, yes. The Statue's face is indeed modelled after Charlotte Beysser Bartholdi.

What city is Liberty City modelled after?

Liberty City is most definitely modeled after New York City. It has a large piece of land, and then a smaller island, called Staunton Island (Strangely close to Statton Island).

What is it mean to take creative liberty?

To be creative when taking your pictures

Who is Columbia in the Injured Black Soldier-Thomas Nast?

lady liberty

What does Statue of Liberty wear on it body?

A robe. If not use a search engine find pictures of "the statue of liberty" and determine it for yourself.

What are 3 historical facts about the Statue of Liberty?

1) She was a gift of Friendship to the US from the people of France in 1886, and was shipped over to New York in pieces, for assembly upon arrival. She is modelled on the much smaller 'Statue du Liberte' on the Pont Neuf Bridge arcross the River Seine in Paris. 2) She was dedicated a National US Monument in 1924. 3) She was designed and modelled by the French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, who is said to have modelled her face upon that of his mother Charlotte. For more facts & Figures, try Googling 'Statue of Liberty' and see what comes up.

Where can I see the Statue of Liberty?

You can see the Statue of Liberty through pictures on the internet or through a travel to New York, New York.

Where can you find pictures of Liberty Middle School?

The school's website is a good place to look. You could also ask the librarian at Liberty Middle School.

Are there any pictures of the original model of the statue of liberty?

There should be some on google image.

Was the Statue of Liberty named after the goddess Columbia?

The short answer is no, but in a way yes. First, to clear up a few things that are common misconceptions. There is no statue named the Statue of Liberty. There is a National Park, located in NY Harbor, named The Statue of Liberty National Monument and Park, and at that site resides a statue titled Liberty Enlightening the World. Also, there is no historical goddess named Columbia. Columbia was/is the personification, or poetic depiction, of America and was sometimes referred to as, a goddess of freedom and liberty as American values. Columbia is also commonly considered to be a depiction of the Roman Goddess Libertas as America, and served as the inspiration for, and is the form depicted in, Thomas Crawford's Statue of Freedom that adorns the top of the dome of the U.S. Capitol Building in the District of Columbia Which brings us back to the original question you asked. The statue of Liberty Enlightening the World was named in reference to, and as an embodiment of, the ideals of Libertas. However, the idea of a statue being in the form of a woman, and as a symbol of American freedom, was largely inspired by the Statue of Freedom, a depiction of Columbia, and of the symbolism of Columbia, which was a very prominent national symbol of the day and itself an embodiment of Libertas.

What is The court ruled that liberty of expression by these means is guaranteed by the first and fourteenth amendments?

Motion Pictures

The Court ruled that liberty of expression by these means is guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth amendments?

motion pictures

Does a 2004 jeep liberty 3.7 Columbia edition have a timing belt or chain?

The Jeep 3.7L has a timing chain.

Where are the Kodak America's family album pictures that were housed at the Statue of Liberty?

looking for francis & ivan breber

What is the value of a Liberty dollar?

ALL dollar coins have the word Liberty on them, and many have pictures of the Statue of Liberty, so more information is needed. Please post a new question with the coin's date and mint mark so that a better ID can be made.

What hand does miss liberty hold the torch?

Look up pictures to be sure but I personally think left if I am wrong I'm sorry. Oh and if you look at pictures be sure to remember it is mirrored

Was the Statue of Liberty modelled after a black woman?

Authorities differ on the model for the Statue of Liberty. Some hold with the theory that it was modeled after Isabella Eugenie Boyer, the wife of Isaac Singer, the sewing-machine industrialist. Others believe that the model was the sculptor's mother, Charlotte Bartholdi (1801-1891), whom it greatly resembles. Both were white Frenchwomen.

Picture of 1880 liberty five dollar gold coin?

Wikianswers cannot display pictures. Try an image search.

What is a Draped coin?

You're referring to a Draped Bust coin, which describes a design used on US silver coins during the late 1700s and early 1800s. The design features a portrait of Miss Liberty displaying what some people today might consider a surprising amount of cleavage, with a cloth wrap draped around her shoulders and front.There are pictures at the site linked below.