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Highest paid actor

The highest paid actor in one year, was Will Ferrell. In 2005, he earned an astonishing 40 million.

---Really??? Becuase it seems to be widely accepted that Johnny Depp is getting more than this FOR ONE FILM (Pirates of the Caribbean 4...)... $56 mill seems to the the claim... perhaps someone can look into and confirm this...

The world's highest paid actor is an elusive question because it changes every year. The old standard for top earners used to be a $20M paycheck. anything above that was simply considered a VERY lucky deal. Nowadays, almost all powerful leading men take a small base salary plus a cut of the profits. Data for 2009 hasn't been released yet, but in 2008 Harrison Ford was the top earner with $65M exclusively for Indiana Jones 4. The 3 years before that, he wasn't even in the top 10. In 2007 Johnny Depp was top with around $75M for At World's End. Anyways, the top earners seem to always switch between people like Will Smith (who seems to have the best international draw), Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler, Nicolas Cage, Ben Stiller, Leo Dicaprio, Tom Cruise etc. etc. And not only that, if you include actors who produce on the side and risk their own money, such as Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood, people like this can earn well above and beyond what an actor can make. So, as you can see, your question is hard to answer b/c it's a commission game not a salary one.

Now.. if you asked me who the highest paid athlete was, that's an easy two word answer, Tiger Woods. even in light of his recent turmoil. he still earns more than twice the amount of #2 Kobe Bryant.

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Q: Who is the world's highest paid actor?
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