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Who is the worst hockey player in the NHL in your opinion?


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Sidney Crosby


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There is no such thing as an NHL football player. The NHL is a HOCKEY league.

in my opinion the only job discription for hockey would be to get the puck in the net [ unless youre a goalie] ;]

play hockey for what ever team that drafted them

A former hockey player in the NHL.

the sortest player i the nhl is Martin St.Louis

Sidney Crosby is about 5'10.

he was a realy good hockey player

If by pro hockey player you mean an NHL hockey player then $500, 000 for the 2010-2011 season. source www.

Hockey started in 1926 in the NHL.

NHL Hockey happened in 1991.

No schooling is required in order to become an NHL player. It is a professional league that depends on hockey ability, not education. You can be as uneducated as you like so long as you are good at hockey.

A hockey player is credited with a hit when he successfully utilizes a hit to separate an opposing player from the puck.

Many would say the best all time NHL player is Wayne Gretzky. He was named the greatest player in National Hockey League history by The Hockey News in 1998.

According to "The Hockey News" Magizene, the average salary of an NHL hockey player is about 2.3 million

NHL hockey player. Born in Dryden, ON, Canada.

Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers

a very aggressive NHL hockey player for the Boston Bruins

For an NHL hockey player it averages around 20MPH. Speed skaters can reach 30MPH. Hi Reddit.

There is no published record with the NHL or various hockey data basis of Sean Pettit ever playing in the NHL. Sean Pettit is a professional skier from Canada not a hockey player.

A hall of fame hockey player, some say the greatest player ever in the NHL.

· Glen Anderson (NHL player and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame)

in my opinion its sheldon souray

nhl hockey started in the 1800's

Nathan Gerbe ,Buffalo Sabres 5'5''

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