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Q: Who is the worst mom on panfu?
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When was World's Worst Mom created?

World's Worst Mom was created on 2012-01-03.

What is the worst diss song Eminem wrote toward his mom?

The worst dis towards his mom was a song he wrote called: My Mom

Who had the worst injury in sports history?

My mom

What is the worst country to visit?

Your/my mom

How many people are on panfu?

djjames is the worst and meanest person ever he goes around abusing kids on panfu. i dont know how many people r on it though. keep away from djjames

What are the release dates for World's Worst Director - 2012 World's Worst Stage Mom 2-11?

World's Worst Director - 2012 World's Worst Stage Mom 2-11 was released on: USA: 30 June 2013

Who is the worst at Guitar Hero in the world?

everybody's mom

Who was the worst ghost?

My mom. She lives in the room beside mine

What is the worst song eminem wrote towards his mom?

MY MOM his mum tried suing him millions of dollars for this

A panfu promotional code?

Sorry, but there is not a Panfu promotional code on Panfu.

What is the worst excuse for not turning in your homework?

"I slept with your sister/brother/mom."

What is Panfu all about?

Panfu is a virtual world, and Panfu is a virtual learning world for kids

How do you get on Panfu?

You go on this website or you can just type in panfu i just type in panfu.

Where are the pompoms on panfu?

There are no pom poms on Panfu.

Where is chef Bruno in panfu?

he is in the restraunt on panfu

What is the worst death that can happen to you?

Explosion in a fire from a car accident. It happened to my Mom.

Where is the key in panfu?

The key is located at the volcano in panfu

Where is mail on panfu?

umm go on panfu first

Where is the stoney object on panfu?

where is the stony object on panfu

How do you become a mod on Panfu?

you need to be a panfu staff

Where is the spoon on panfu for kamaria on panfu?

Chez Bruno

Did Club Penguin copy panfu?

No, Club Penguin was going on before Panfu. Panfu copied Club Penguin.

Where do you do the magic ice diamond in panfu?

go to google and tpe in panfu cheats andcicon frycook's panfu cheats

Where is the sintepan in panfu?

where is sintepon in panfu

How can you do skipper on panfu?

You can't do a skipper on Panfu sorry! From: luvybird