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Who is the youngest NFL player ever?


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Amobi Okoye was the youngest player in the NFL at the time that he was drafted.


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the youngest NFL player ever is Houston Texans DT Amobe Okoye

the youngest age to ever enter the nfl was 19yrs old.

Tommy Maddox (aged 20) was the youngest that I ever heard of, certainly in modern times.

amobi okoye was youngest ever drafted

As of October, 2007 the youngest NFL player ever is Houston Texans DT Amobi Okoye who played his first game at the age of 20 years, 91 days. He surpassed the record of Buffalo Bills OT Jamie Nails who was 20 years, 110 days old when he played his first NFL game in 1997.

The oldest player for NFL currently is: Saints PK John Carney who was born April 20, 1964.The youngest player for NFL currently is: Titans WR Kenny Britt who was born Sept. 19, 1988.

The 17-year old Feller became the youngest player ever to play a regular season game.

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The youngest player ever to appear is: 18yrs 115days: Enzo Scifo (Belgium 2-0 Yugoslavia, 1984)

Gale Sayers was the youngest player inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. He achieved this honor when he was only 34 years old.

Bep Guidolin was the youngest player ever. He was 16 when he made his debut for Boston in 1942-43

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Ben Roethlisberger is the youngest quarterback, but I'm not sure if he was the youngest Steelers' player ever to make it to a Super Bowl.

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the best NFL player ever is probably Joe Montana but he had Jerry rice so its definitely Dan Marino

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The youngest basketball player ever to win a championship in the finals was ................ Michael Jordan 23 from The Chicago Bulls

I believe the youngest ever player to enter the NBA was Andrew Bynum of the Lakers. He was 17 years old when he made it.

The youngest player to appear in the Premiership is Fulham's Matthew Briggs aged 16 years and 65 days.

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Packers, Patriots are the youngest

There was no "first ever" NFL player. The NFL was formed in 1920 and consisted mostly of a group of teams that previously were members of the Ohio League.

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