Who is the youngest person to climb Kilimanjaro?

Update to below:

With respect to the facts that:

1. the family had already taken a 6 year old to spend three consecutive nights at 6,010m elevation in the Himalaya, with no significant deleterious effects,

2. that the mother is the holder of the world record for the fastest woman to climb Kilimanjaro and therefore has substantial experience of altitude and acclimatisation,

3. that the father organises around 250 expeditions to Kilimanjaro's summit every year and has access to some of the industry's most highly trained, diligent and professional workforce,

permission was granted on 10th Nov 2012, by the Director General of Tanzania National Parks, Mr Alan JH Kijazi to the Rees-Evans family of British nationality and Tanzanian residency, to climb Kilimanjaro together.

On Monday 26th November 2012 at 1341 all members of the family reached Uhuru Peak, 5,895m, the highest point in Africa. On the day they summitted, the ages of the children were as follows:

Bran David Caradoc Rees-Evans was 5 years 136 days old;
Linus Michael Priam Rees-Evans was 7 years 363 days old;
Arienwyn Guinevere Rees-Evans was 9 years 213 days old.

The children acclimatised well and maintained oxygen saturation at all times above 70%.

Their daily reports and summit photos are visible on the Team Kilimanjaro blog.

The youngest person to summit Kilimanjaro is Keats Boyd. He summitted at the age of 7-years old on 21 January 2008. He was legally certified as the youngest person to do so by the head of TANAPA on the mountain, and climbed via the Lemosho route.

Velma Gene Hunter is the youngest girl to summit Mount Kilimanjaro with her dad Gene Douglas Hunter and sisters Jillian, Lynette and Cheryl.

The second youngest boy to summit Kilimanjaro using the Machame Route in 6 days is 9-year old Callum Cutinha of Sheffield, England (UK) who reached Uhuru Peak on 14th August 2010 along with his brother Cyril aged 15.
The youngest person to summit Kilimanjaro is Bran Rees-Evans. He reached the summit with his 7 year old brother and 9 year old sister, and his parents, at 1341 (local time) on Monday 26th November 2012 at the age of 5 years and 136 days. He summitted Mount Meru (4,584m) with his family two weeks previously.