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Who is the youngest team in the nfl in 2010?

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Packers, Patriots are the youngest

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The New England Patriots are the youngest team.

The Houston Taxans join the NFL in 2002

At the start of the 2010 NFL season, the youngest head coach was Raheem Morris of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Morris turned 34 years old on September 3, 2010.

As of the beginning of the 2010 season the youngest head coach in the NFL would be Tampa Bay Bucs coach Raheem Morris at age thirty-four.

The Atlanta Falcons, the average age of their players is 24.

The current youngest team in 2011 are the Tampa Bay Bucs, followed by the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay packers. In 2010 it was the Carolina Panthers.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. He is 43 years old. Inherited the team when his father passed in 2006/

Amobi Okoye was the youngest player in the NFL at the time that he was drafted.

In the 2010 NFL Draft, that is the Washington Redskins.

the youngest age to ever enter the nfl was 19yrs old.

That would be the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Sardar Singh was the captain in 2010. He was first captained in 2008 though, and was the youngest player to captain an indian team.

No, the close team however is the Seattle Seahawks who made it to the 2010 playoffs

the youngest NFL player ever is Houston Texans DT Amobe Okoye

The Carolina Panthers scored the fewest points in the 2010 NFL season, with only 196.

According to the nfl the san Diego chargers have the best defense.

amobi okoye was youngest ever drafted

The New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl in 2010.

The Carolina Panthers finished the 2010 season with a 2-and-14 record.

No. 11 Cincinnati Bengals 2010

Right now, the patriots. 12-2