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Q: Who is up for nomination in the big brother house this week?
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How much do big brother contestants get paid?

Big Brother contestants get paid $750 per week. In addition to the weekly salary, the house guests can win prizes throughout the season, including cash and vacations.

How many days are housemates in the big brother house for in England?

The big brither housemates are in the big brother house for 64 days.

What is the difference between big brother and celebrity big brother?

in big brother they have normal people on it and in celebrity big brother there are all celebrities living in the house

What is the show big brother about?

Well there is a house and 24 people i think, go into it and they get set tasks that they must complete during the week and at the end of the week some one gets evicted from the house. the winner gets prize money

Why did Dick leave the Big Brother House?

Dick Donato had to leave from the Big Brother house because of family problems

How many people in big brother house at the start?

Thirteen people start in the big brother house

How much money do big brother contestants make?

Stipened $750 per week they are away from home plus whatever winnings they make in the house.

When did jade goody go in big brother house?

jade goody was in big brother in 2002

Is basshunter in the big brother house?

Yes, Jonas is actually in the big brother house 2010. The majority of people believe that basshunter and Katya who is also in the house have something going on....... (L)

Can you buy the big brother house when its finished?

NO! you can not buy the Big Brother house they are still going to use it so what is the point then buying it and it is 2.3 millon dollors

Where is the big brother house located?

The Big Brother house is located on a sound stage lot at CBS studios in Los Angeles, California.

Which brother of Michael Jackson went into the big brother house?

It was Jermaine.

What state is the big brother house in?


How many camera are in the big brother house?


Where are Jedward right now?

In the big brother house

Whats the theme of big brother?

Big brother is a reality show which a number of people go into the house and have to live their for a limited amount of time

How big is the big brother house?

The one in Texas is over 2.3 million dollars.

Where is big brother in the UK?

The Big Brother house is at the Elstree Film and Television Studios in Borehamwood, Hertforshire. The house is located inside an old water tank, used in the film 'The Dambusters'.

Who won big brother 1?

Craig Phillips won Big Brother 1. He recently went back into the house to take part in a task.

Who was the first saboteur in big brother 12?

the first saboteur was Annie, who left the big brother house during the first eviction. hope that helps

How many housemates in the Big Brother house 2012?


How long do you stay in the big brother house?

69 days

Has Katie Price Been in the big brother house?

No she hasn't.

What is big brother?

Big Brother is a reality tv show where contestants (housemates) have to try and stay in the house for as long as possible i.e try not to get evicted. Every week the housemates do tasks where they try and earn their shopping budget for the week.The winner of the show receives £100,000 as a prize.The public can vote for who they want to leave after the nominations have been revealed to the housemates

Who was evicted from the Big Brother house?

David Morrissey.