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Who is vegetas mom?

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his mom

it never says anything about vegetas mom on the anime but in a comic it must have some thing about his mom... her name is Sayian Queen Rosicheena

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What is vegetas blood?


Who is king vegetas wife?

That is unkown.

Who does vegetas voice?

Chris Sabbat

Who is Vegetas grandchild?

vegeta jr.

Who are vegetas kids?

trunks and bra(bulla)

What is the name of vegetas younger brother?


What is vegetas last name?

Breigh is Vegeta's last name

Who is vegeta father?

vegetas father was king vegeta the 4th

Who is tarble?

tarble is vegetas brother as seen in dbz as a special character

Is trunks vegeta's son or brother?

trunks is vegetas son in the future.

What is the name of vegetas character on Dragon Ball Z Kai?


Who is baby vegeta in dbz?

baby vegeta is baby in vegetas body

What color is vegetas galick gun?

its a light purple like color...

Can trunks do the kamehameha?

no because he is vegetas son and vegeta was not around when goku was a kid

What are the names of all of gokus saiyan brothers?

Raditz although people say Vegeta is his brother but Vegeta is his cousin as well as Broly . The name of Goku's father is bardock his uncles are ,paragus Broly's dad ,and king vegeta vegetas dad. fasha is goku's mom and saiyan queen rasicheena is vegeta's mom

How many vegetas does it take to kill a kakorat?

Just one, but it takes 5 episodes

Is vegeta goku's brother Dragon Ball Z Kai?

No Vegetas brother is named Tarble

Whos king vegetas wife?

They never showed it in any of dragon ball items or shows...

Who is vegetas father?

Vegeta's father is in fact; King Vegeta. However, he died as Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza.

What is the name of vegetas dad in dbz?

I heard his name was Veldock Vegeta, people just called him King Vegeta

Who is vegetas dad?

The answer is King Vegeta.He was the king of all Saiyans which made Vegeta the prince.He was killed by Frieza with a questionable beam.

What is vegetas last name in Dragon Ball Z?

It is never known if Saiyans have last names or not because we are never told. This is the same with Vegeta.

What is the M in vegetas face in DBZ?

He becomes a new recruit of Babidi's evil group(a slave of Babidi that makes Vegeta do whatever he pleases)

What if vegito and gogeta used potora?

This is impossible because both of them are fusions of Goku and Vegeta so there will have to be 2 Vegetas and 2 Gokus for thisto be possible.

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