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== == * Hu Jintao is the President of China. 温家宝 (Wen

Jiabao) is the Premier of the State Council. There are three

vice-premiers: Wu Yi, Zeng Peiyan and Hui Liangyu. === === *

People's Congress re-elected Hu Jintao as president of China on

March 15 2008, giving him a new five year term at the helm of the

world's most populous nation. === === * The official title of the

leader of China is Chairman (In Chinese, we called it 主席). so from

time to time, you heard of Chairman Mao (毛主席) who is Mao Ze Dong

(毛泽东) etc. Hu Jintao, the President of the People's Republic of

China and Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission. == == *

The president of the People's Republic of China is Hu Jintao and

the vice- president is Xi Jinping. Please see

http://www.chinatoday.com/ for up-to-date information.

* Hu Jintao is currently the Paramount Leader of the

People's Republic of China China's President is Hu Jintao as the

chief of state, with Wen Jiabo as the Premier and head of

government. * President: Hu Jintao * Vice President:

Xi Jinping * Prime Minister: Wen Jiabao * Vice Prime

Ministers: Li Keqiang, Hui Liangyu, Zhang Dejiang, Wang Qishan

* State Councillors: Liu Yandong, Liang Guanglie, Ma Kai,

Meng Jianzhu, Dai Bingguo * Secretary General: Ma Kai *

(From Chinatoday.com)

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