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I have a hard time believing that someone as hot as she is, would be with a moron that can't spell the word, "noticing." I believe the actress in the commercial is actress Ivana Bozilovic (Wedding Crashers, Van Wilder, and Bacardi model). Jesus you don't have to be so critical, sorry for not spelling perfectly. But, you are mistaken. That is my wife. She does many commercials. But thank you for comparing her to Ivana. I must say, she is perhaps the sexiest woman I've ever seen. Could you have her sign that pic for me from the commercial if you have one???... I will ask her to sign a comp card if you like. Here is a link to another commercial. She is in green

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โˆ™ 2008-09-23 12:26:29
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Q: Who is woman in white in Bacardi Mojito commercial?
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