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Rihanna most people like her more than Chris Brown

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Is Rihanna richer than Chris Brown?

Yes. According to celebritynetworth.com Chris Brown is worh $22 million, while Rihanna is worth $60 million. Rihanna is almost worth 3 times more what Chris Brown is.

Chris Brown didn't broke up with Rihanna?

No, and people say that Chris Brown is more into Rihanna than Rihanna is into him.

Do Rihanna make more money than Chris Brown?

Yes, Rihanna makes more money because,she has more albums than Chris Brown

Who is more famous Chris Brown or Rihanna?

probely for kids say chris brown

Did Chris Brown start the fight between him and Rihanna?

No, Chris Brown did not start the fight. RIhanna started hitting Chris Brown first. See related link below for more information.

Who spends more money Chris Brown or Rihanna?

Rihanna spends more money Rihanna spends more money Rihanna spends more money

Are chriss bown and Rihanna dating?

Chris Brown and Rihanna are not dating any more. In 2010 Rihanna is now dating baseball player Matt Kemp. Chris Brown is now dating a model.

Why is rihanna no more singing?

She is dipressed that she broke up with chris brown

Is rihanna preantant by Chris Brown?

now way are you CRAZY they do not go out no more

Do rihanna reallylike Chris Brown?

Yes, she does. (More than he liked her, that's what i know.)

Rihana and chris still together?

no they are not together any more. well rihanna want to be with chris brown but chris donsn't want to be with her anymore.

What date did rihanna and chris brown start going out?

About in 2007, but now they are not dating any more.

Does Rihanna still like Chris Brown currently?

yes she does but she loves Matt kemp more

Does rihanna have more than 10 boyfriends?

Well, right now she's dating Chris Brown

Did rihanna get beat more than once from Chris Brown?

my sister thinks so but she said that she did but she hid it from everyone

Who is more famous Rihanna or Chris Brown?

stop these stupid questions because they are wrong. stupid a s s.

Who started the fight Chris Brown or Rihanna?

Rihanna starting hitting Chris Brown first. See related link below for more information. it was rihannas fault and now it is all bouncing back on chris no body deserves to go to jail for something they didn't start i think it's wrongg

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown back together after he beat her up?

Actually no they are not getting back together rihanna an chris brown already made that clear that they are friends an no more then frieinds an yes i know this because i heared from chris brown on bet awards back stage by letara washington peoria arizona any questions {contact nuimber is} {602}502 8298

Whats chris breezy real name?

Chris Breezy's real name is Christopher Maurice Brown. He is more well known as Chris Brown, the American recording artist, dancer and actor who used to be in a high profile relationship with Rihanna.

How much is Chris Brown worth?

More than 60 million...Infinity...

What is are some raps?

rihanna , chris brown, jason d, enimen , lil wayen , and lots of more but those ae some.:)

What is Chris Brown poplur songs?

With you, forever, crawl, superhuman, drop it low, no air, kiss kiss and (cry no more,

Why did chris hit Rihanna?

Chris hited Rihanna coz he liked this other girl that liked him and he liked her + rihanna is more butifale!!!! XxX rihanna number one fan Yasmin Sara Yasmin_Sara@Hotmail.co.uk eamil me!!

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