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Kevin Jonas is America's least wanted Jonas brother. if he ever sees this, " THis is just America's pick. sorry Kevin. you should consider joining the instrument part of the band and let the Jonas brothers be Joe and Nick!

i honesly don't like none of the Jonas brothers.

there really boring.

like really?!

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Who is your favorite of the Jonas Brothers?

RCT'S: My favorite Jonas Brother is Kevin and Nick.

Does Joe Jonas like Frankie Jonas?

The two brothers get along, but Frankie has often said in videos that Joe is his least favorite brother

Who is Joe Jonas's favorite brother?

Joe Jonas does not have a favorite brother. He loves them both.

Who is Kevin Jonas' favorite brother?


Who is Frankie jonases favorite brother?

nick Jonas

Does Justin Bieber have a favorite Jonas brother?

not Kevin

What is Frankie Jonas' favorite number?

he is the Jonas bonas the Jonas brother's little brother Frankie

What Was Nick Jonas least favorite?


Does Joe Jonas like having a little sibbling?

Frankie has said Joe is his least favorite brother so probably not all of the time, no.

What Is Nick Jonas Least Favorite Color?


What is Nick Jonas least favorite animal?


What is your favorite Jonas Brother song?

I Think That aLL Jonas Brothers songs are The Best! Mine are "Eternity" and "I am what I am".

What is Kevin Jonas' favorite subjects?

His favorite subject for school is spelling but his least favorite is Math

What is Nick Jonas' least favorite sport?

Nick Jonas hates baseball and football

What is Nick Jonas' least favorite subject?


What is Nick Jonas least favorite name?

Camilla. hahaha

Who is selenas favorite Jonas Brothers?

well, she went out with nick Jonas, so my guess is her favorite Jonas brother is nick Jonas. but i could be wrong. you have to ask her.....having her cell phone or email (which i have), would help a little.....

What is Joe Jonas favorite Jonas brother song?

His favorite song from the album All About me is "I am What I am." he said he likes all and he just cant choose but it prob is burnin up

Which 1 of the Jonas Brothers do you like?

Nick is my favorite Jonas brother. He is very sensitive and sweet, anyone would like him.

Are the Jonas brothers gay like your brother?

Hi, I'm a 11 year old Jonas Brother fan, and please don't insult my favorite band!Especially Nick!

Why is Nick Jonas Frankie Jonas favorite Jonas?

In this interview Bop asks Frankie who his favorite brother is and he says, Nick, because he lets him ride shot gun.

Did the Jonas brother ever get an award for favorite band?

yea it's called wikipedia

What is Joe Jonas favorite brother out of Nick Kevin and Frankie?

Joe Jonas likes Frankie the best . Im 80% sure .

What is Nick Jonas' least favorite McDonald's food?

chicken mcnuggets

What is nick jonas least favorite food?

popcorn with 2 pounds of sardines.

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