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The Bastards.

When Stan says "Oh my god! They killed Kenny!", He is referring to Matt and Trey themselves.

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Q: Who killed Kenny?
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Who killed the kids?

Kenny killed the kids

Who killed Kenny in south park?

ANSWER:They did. You know, them. As quoted from one episode. "OMG! They killed Kenny! You bastards!"

What is tiberius personality?

HE killed kenny :'(

Has Kenny ever been killed by his friends?

Yes, Kenny is inadvertantly killed by Stan, Kyle and Cartman several times but directly when Kyle chainsaws Kenny in half in the episode Pinkeye from season 1

Who says oh my god you bashtards you killed Kenny on southpark?

Stan marsh says Oh my god you killed Kenny and then kyle says you bashtards

Who was Kenny dalgish?

Kenny mccormic is a kid of south park who wears a jacket all the time, and he always gets killed. So Stan goes they KILLED KENNY! Then Kyle goes YOU BASTARDS! Kenny is why i made my name because Kenny always dies in a funny way =[], but Kenny is funny when he talks he muffles cuss words.

Who is to blame for Neil's death?


Who said oh my god you killed Kenny?


How did Kenny die in south park?

He got killed LeoFlatliner

Who says in southpark oh your god they killed kenney?

its Karl and he say omg your killed Kenny you bastard

Does Kenny die in every episode?

up until season six, Kenny has been killed everytime, with Kyle and Stan yelling " F__K! They/ you killed Kenny! You basterds!" After season six, Kenny dies once in a while. Type South Park in the bar and when you see it, Click on Kenny McCormick and you can find out more... By the way I have something special with Kenny's name :) But not in that way...

How did South Park's Kenny die?

Kenny dies in nearly every episode so that's a bit of a strange question and as Kenny has been killed a various amount of ways.

In South Park fill in the blank OMG you killed?

Kenny,you bastards

What are the release dates for Undead Noise - 2012 You Killed Kenny 2-14?

Undead Noise - 2012 You Killed Kenny 2-14 was released on: USA: 22 August 2012

What episode of southpark is the one were who killed Kenny?

Well in Season 1 Episode 7(Pinkeye) Kyle Brofloski kills Kenny McCormic

How do you say he killed in Spanish?

El mató.... (Thing or person after, i.e. Kenny)

When did Kenny Lynch die?

Yes.he was permernatly killed off in season 5

Where is the famous line oh my god you killed Kenny from?

The line comes from the TV show 'South Park', where upon the character Kenny's frequent deaths, another character will exclaim "Oh my God! <something/someone> killed Kenny!"

What are the episodes in south park were Kenny isn't in it?

Kenny is killed off in season 5 episode 13 called "Kenny dies" and is not shown up until season 6 episode 17 "red sleigh down" where Kenny just shows up out of the blue

Is the line oh my god you killed Kenny copyrighted?

O.o I hope not.... That would suck.

Does Kenny die in most of the south park episodes?

Yes, he does, he even died in the South Park movie. The producers got sick of him and killed him "for the last time" in "Kenny Dies". However, Kenny was seen alive and well a short while later. So yes, Kenny is prone to "fatal accidents"

What Kenny and Max did in the old lady's apartment in Freak the Mighty?

Talked He Swore he Never Killed Annie

What words are commonly used in every south park episode?

Suck my balls or OMG! They killed Kenny

Who does Jacob nason like?

Kenny price Kenny price Kenny price Kenny price Kenny price Kenny price Kenny price Kenny price Kenny price

Who killed James see?

no one he is still alive...yea that's great news...but James is sad that his great friend Kenny Jackson got killed by the car and tree boowhoboowho.