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the C.I.A. ------ Actually, he was not killed by anyone. He died from a plane crash in Mt. Manunggal in Cebu.

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How did Ramon Magsaysay die?

On March 16, 1957, while serving as President of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay was killed in a plane crash on Mt. Manunggal in Cebu.

What are the good characteristic of Ramon Magsaysay?

Ramon Magsaysay is gentle\

Who is the father of ramon magsaysay?

ramon "jun" banzon-magsaysay

What are the policies centered of ramon magsaysay?

policy of ramon magsaysay in agriculture

Who were ramon magsaysay's children?

Teresita Banzon-Magsaysay, Milagros Banzon-Magsaysay and Ramon Banzon-Magsaysay

When was Ramon Magsaysay born?

Ramon Magsaysay was born on August 31, 1907.

Who is Ramon Magsaysay?

si ramon magsaysay ay ang panglimang panulo napangatlong republika ng pilipinas Ramon Magsaysay is the 5th President of the Philipines

Who is the wife of Ramon Magsaysay?

The wife of Ramon Magsaysay ay si Luz Benzon.

What is the middle name of ramon magsaysay?

His real name is Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay.

When did Ramon Magsaysay die?

Ramon Magsaysay died on March 17, 1957 at the age of 49.

Where was Ramon Magsaysay borm?

Ramon Magsaysay, who became a Philippine president, was born in Iba, Zambales.

How old was Ramon Magsaysay at death?

Ramon Magsaysay died on March 17, 1957 at the age of 49.

Who are the children of ramon magsaysay?

He was married to Luz Magsaysay, with three children: Teresita Banzon-Magsaysay (b. 1934), Milagros "Mila" Banzon-Magsaysay (b. 1936) and Ramon "Jun" Banzon-Magsaysay, Jr

When was Ramon Magsaysay Technological University created?

Ramon Magsaysay Technological University was created on 1998-02-12.

Who are the parents of ramon magsaysay?

perfecta del fierro and exequiel magsaysay

Who is the hukbalahap leader?

Ramon Magsaysay

When was Ramon Magsaysay - Cubao - High School created?

Ramon Magsaysay - Cubao - High School was created in 1953.

How old is Ramon Magsaysay?

Ramon Magsaysay was born on August 31, 1907 and died on March 17, 1957. Ramon Magsaysay would have been 49 years old at the time of death or 107 years old today.

What were the programs implemented by President Ramon Magsaysay?

President Ramon Magsaysay was best known for successfully defeating the communist-led Hukbalahap Movement.

Which country's president is the Roman Magsaysay award named after?

The Philippines' President Ramon Magsaysay.

What is Ramon Magsaysay's birthday?

Ramon Magsaysay was born on August 31, 1907.

Who is the third president of the Philippines?

Ramon magsaysay

What are the good traits of ramon magsaysay?


What were the achievements of President Ramon Magsaysay?


Who was known idol of the masses?

Ramon Magsaysay