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Who killed king Harold godwinson?


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King Harold II (Harold Godwinson); was killed at the Battle of Hastings.

Harold hardrada was killed by Harold Godwinson in the battle of hastings

harald hadrada was killed by Harold godwinson

Harold Godwinson, who was king of England at the time of the battle of Hastings, killed Harold Hardraada at the battle of Stamford Bridge.

I think king Richard was the king before Harold Godwinson

Harold Godwinson - Harold the second - was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England and was killed at the Battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066.

Harold Godwinson was never The King he fought William Duke of Normandy but failed and was killed. The Duke killed both of his challengers and won the throne.

He got killed by the king and when he died then Harold godwinson became king.

He was King Of England. Harold was defeated and killed at the Battle of Hastings, 1066, by William of Normandy, who then became king.

Harold Godwinson was the last Anglo Saxon King of England.

No. Harald Hardrada (Harald III) was the Norwegian king who invaded England in 1066 and was killed fighting the English king Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Godwinson himself was killed only three weeks later at the Battle of Hastings, losing his throne to William of Normandy. Godwinson had been the king of England for just nine months.

He killed the previous King (Harold Godwinson) at the Battle of Hastings in 1066

Harold Godwinson was 43 years of age in the year of 1066. Harold Godwinson was a king of England.

The Anglo-Saxon king after Edward the Confessor was Harold Godwinson. Harold Godwinson ruled from January to October 1066 when he was killed in the Battle of Hastings.

Harold Godwinson was also King Harold II of England

Harold Godwinson was king of England until he was killed at the battle of Hastings. He was the son of Godwin, Earl of Wessex.

Harold Godwinson went to Harald Hardrada then killed Harald and his troops. Then William invaded and Harold Godwinson died with a arrow n his eye

wrong it is in fact Harold godwinson. William duke of normandys arm killed Harold so he became king

Harold Godwinson fought Harald hardrada and after Harold Godwinson had defeated him, he fought William Duke of Normandy and William became king after shooting Harold Godwinson in the eye with an arrow.

Defeated Harold Godwinson which made him king. people were scared not to dissagree with him because he had one a battle and killed Harold Godwinson. And other things.

Harold Haadrada did not become King of England. (CORRECTION!) He was killed by the legitimate King of England, Harold Godwinson (Harold I), at Stamford Bridge. King Harold then had to march South to face William of Normandy, and was killed at Hastings. William then became King, and his successors have been on the throne ever since.

he was crowned king of englandWilliam from Normandy was king after Harold

King Edward the Confessor and Harold Godwinson were related by marriage. Harold Godwinson was married to Edwards sister and was the Earl of Wessex.

Harold Godwinson died on 14th October 1066 in the battle of Hastings

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