Who killed king Rama the 8th?

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What demon did Rama fight?

Rama fought with thousands of demons and killed them. First he killed Thataka. Later he killed Maricha and Subahu. When in exile he also killed 14000 demons at once in the forest. At last he killed Ravana the king of all those demons.

Where was Rama king?

Lord Rama was king of Ayodhya.

Who is the hero of the ramayana?

Lord Rama is the hero of the Ramayana . He was the king of Ayodhya ,he defeated and killed Ravana.

Rama was the son of king?

Lord Rama was the son of King Dasarath.

Who is the king of Rama?

King Rama was said to be the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Who killed Ravana?

lord rama an avatar of lord vishnu....Rama

What sort of king was rama?

Rama was an able, eminent king. He is role model for a good human, husband, and king.

Who modernized Thailand?

Started by King Mongkut (King Rama IV) in1855 and proceeded by King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) .

What is the role of Lord Rama?

Lord Rama was the king of Ayodhya. He defeated Ravana, king of Sri Lanka.

Who is Rama and Sita?

Rama,son of Dashrath is one of the deity in Hinduism and Sita is the wife of Lord Rama. Lord Rama was the king of Ayodhya.

Who is the father Sir Rama god?

King Dasharatha was the father of Sri Rama god.

What is the name of the grandfather of Lord Rama?

King Aja is the grand father of Lord Rama.

Who did the King originally want to choose to replace him as king?


Who killed indrajit the son of ravan?

Indrajit was killed by Lakshmana brother of Lord Rama.

Who is the king of Thailand?

The current king is King Rama X (Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun), born July 28, 1952. His father King Rama IX (Bhumibol Adulyadej) died in 2016.

Who is the mother of Rama in Ramayana?

KAUSHLAYA is the mother of RAMA in the RAMAYANA, she is the first wife of king DASARATHA

What ideals does Rama embody?

Rama has an ideal of having a single wife. He was an ideal husband and king.

When Rama went to the forest for 14 years who become king?

His brother Bharatha represented Rama

What is the name of the father of lord Rama in ramayana?

Dashrath is father of Lord Rama. He was the king of Ayodhya.

Why did King Henry the 8th killed anne Boleyn?

because she didnt have any chilren who were boys

Which king or queen is the oldest reigning monarch?

King Rama 9

Who was the Founder of the chakri dynasty?

It was King Rama I

The Vanara King who helped Rama was?


Is god Rama from mudiraj community?

Mudirajas are Kshatriya community and King Yayaathi is the 'moola purusha' of mudirajas. Sri Rama is also a Kshatriya king.

What is Rama don?

He killed Ravana and made the world peaceful.

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