Who killed sphinx the greek god?

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No one actually killed the sphinx, a man named Oedipus solved her riddle which was "What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night" which the answer is a human with morning being a baby, afternoon being an adult, and night as an old person with a cane. After Oedipus solved her riddle she threw herself off a cliff.
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Who are the Greek gods?

the greek gods are: means that that god/ess was at one time on Mount Olympus. \n. Zeus: god of the sky, king of the gods, ruler of mankind; brother to Posiedon, Hades, Hera(also her husband), Hestia, and Demeter. Also known as Jupiter. \n. Poseidon: god of seas; creator and lover of horses; lor ( Full Answer )

What did Greek Gods do?

Greek Gods were made up by the Greeks to explain different natural events. Like for instance lightning was decided to be thrown from Mount Olympus (Not the actual mountain, the Mythological one) by the Greek God Zeus. Also to explain things that happen when you die, for example when you die the Gre ( Full Answer )

Who were the Greek Gods?

There are tons of Greek gods, but here are some: Apollo - God of the sun, truth, music, and healing Zeus - King of the Gods and God of the sky Poseidon - God of the seas Athena - Goddess of wisdom, arts, and war Aphrodite - Goddess of love and beauty Ares - God of war Artemis - Goddess of the hunt, ( Full Answer )

What are the Greek gods?

Athena: goddess of wisdom, war and art . Zeus: god of the gods and ruler of the sky and lightnings . Hera: wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage and giving birth . Aphrodite: goddess of love, laughter and you know what . Artemis: twin sister of Apollo. goddess of the mountains, hunt, the moon and ( Full Answer )

Why the Greeks had gods?

Why do we have religion today? Everyone needs something to depend on, people can't believe that everything is up to us, its too much responsibility. they need it to explain things they cant, ie "why are we here" and "why do bad things happen to good people" and questions like that. even Athiests may ( Full Answer )

What is a Greek god?

A greek god is a certain being that the ancient Greek people worshipped and honored. They were told to be immortal, have different powers, and they were used to explain different phenomenons of earth; they also had folklore of them.

What are the gods of Greek?

There are many many Greek gods but the three most famous ones are, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Zeus's wife was Hera. Poseidon's wife was Amphitrite and Hades (Stolen) wife was Persephone. Zeus and Poseidon both had children but hades didn't

Who are the gods of Greek?

Athena: goddess of wisdom, war and art Zeus: God of the Gods and ruler of the sky and lightning Hera: wife of Zeus and Goddess of marriage and giving birth Aphrodite: Goddess of love, laughter and you know what Artemis: twin sister of Apollo. Goddess of the mountains, hunt, the Moon and maid ( Full Answer )

Who were the Greek Gods and what did they do?

The Greek Gods were a series of deities in the Ancient Greek Religion, as well as Ancient Greek Mythology. They did several things, based around their realm of control, such as Poseidon and the seas, Zeus and the skies, as well as Athena and battle strategy/wisdom. From Mythological Writings of t ( Full Answer )

How do you kill a greek god?

Only other Olympians or Pre-Olympian Beings(Titans etc) Could kill each other. A blade dipped in the waters of the River Styx(Bordering the realm of Hades) could injure/weaken one, but no other force in the Universe was supposed to be able to due so.

What does the Great sphinx have to do with Greek mythology?

The sphinx was a creature who terrorized the city of Thebes for some time, before Oedipus came along and defeated her by answering her riddle. Because he saved Thebes, Oedipus became the new king of it, marrying his mother in the process.

What were Greek gods?

The Greek gods were the spirits believed to be real by the Greeks. The Greeks worshiped their gods and sacrificed people to them.

Why do Greeks have gods?

The Greeks had gods to answer all the unexplained things in the world. An example is earthquakes.

What did the Greek gods do for the Greeks?

The Greek gods helped and looked out for the Greeks. They also caused them troubles and sometimes punished them. It all depended on their mood, and if they had been worshiped enough.

What was the sphinx in Greek mythology?

The Greek Sphinx was a monster with the body of a lioness, the head of a woman, the wings of an eagle and a snake-headed tail. She had been sent to the city-state of Thebes by Hera as punishment for a crime committed by the Theban king, Laius, who had abducted and raped Chrysippus, son of king Pelop ( Full Answer )

Which snake haired Greek god killed Medusa?

No god killed Medusa, the hero Perseus killed Medusa with the guidance of Athena and Hermes. Pereseus did not have snakes for hair either, Medusa did. It was her punishment for laying with Poseidon in the Temple of Athena.

Why where there Greek gods?

There were Greek Gods becasue the Greeks believed they had lived and had done certain things. They thought of their Greek Gods the way the people that are Christians believe in our God!

Can Greek gods be killed?

Yes, at least the ones that are not immortal. No that's wrong In greek mythology no, never for example Cronos defeated his father but in myths Rea ask him and his mother for advice when Cronos start eaten his children, speacilly since its explicit that the children Cronos ate were imprision not ( Full Answer )

The gods of the Greeks were?

Athena: goddess of wisdom, war and art Zeus: god of the gods and ruler of the sky and lightnings Hera: wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage and giving birth Aphrodite: goddess of love, laughter and you know what Artemis: twin sister of Apollo. goddess of the mountains, hunt, the moon and mai ( Full Answer )

How did the Greeks develop the Greek gods?

Ultimately, all gods evolve from the spirits worshipped in animism. In many cases, the gods and goddesses were absorbed from other cultures, mostly in the Archaic period. The storm god, Zeus is believed to have come from the ancient Indo-European culture of eastern Europe. Athena, known in the Ar ( Full Answer )

Who killed the Sphinx in greek mythology?

The Sphinx was the gaurdian of Thebes in Greek mythology. In answer to your question, no one really 'killed' her, except indirectly. She basically comitted suicide because Oedipus solved her ridlle. "Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, a ( Full Answer )

What was the Greeks view of the Greek gods?

it depended on the god. they thought of Aphrodite as vain, Athena as wise, Zeus as powerful and flirtatious. Hera as jeulouse. and so on and so forth

What is about Greek gods?

the greek gods all had their own special powers. Zeus was the god of gods, and lightning. so don't ness with him. his first child was Athena.

Did the Greek gods answer when the Greeks prayed?

The Norse, Greeks and Romans had a different relation with their gods than some present day religions. The gods of those cultures basically ignored humans except as a form of entertainment. The gods were forever stirring things up, mating with mortals etc. There was some praying going on, but the ma ( Full Answer )

Why did the Greeks invent the Greek Gods?

To tell how things were created or what happened. Such as Zeusmaking a thunderstorm when he is angry. It was their way of copingwith the unknown without our current scientific knowledge.

Why did the Greeks believe in the Greek gods?

The wrong answer is "The Greeks believed in the Gods because they needed an explanation for the forces and elements, but saw nothing. They couldn't do it themselves, so they thought supreme beings controlled them." This is a common myth derived from 19th century revisionist history much like the ( Full Answer )

Why did Greeks believe in Greek gods?

The Greeks believe(d) in the Greek gods because they were their explanation of why and how everything functioned. Every god/dess has a role in the universe, and they all have their own individual jobs and responsibilities.

Does the sphinx in greek mythology have powers?

Yes. It asks people who come by one question: What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 at night? The answer is: A human! You crawl on 4 legs as a baby, 2 when your an adult, and 2 legs plus a cane when your an older person. You only get one chance to answer it it, so if you get ( Full Answer )

How do you say my Greek god in Greek?

In Greek all pronouns go at the end or near the end of the sentence/phrase so it's kinda like:o Ελληνικός(Greek) θεός(god) μου(my) or in greeklish: o Ellinikos(Greek) theos(god) mou(my).

Who are the the Greek gods?

Their are two groups of "gods" listed are in their respective catagory. (titans are not considered gods) Olympian zues, hades, poseidon, hestia, aphrodite, hermes, hera, hephaestus, dionysos, demeter, ares, athena, artemis, apollo primordial chronos, aether, gaia, erebos, hemera, ananke, chaos ( Full Answer )

What Greek god is the god of gods?

There isn't really one, but Zeus is the king of the gods, the chief of the gods. So I guess you could could say he is the god of the gods, even though he really isn't.

Can greek gods kill each other?

No, Greek gods and goddesses can not kill each other. All the Greek gods are immortal. They can however be destroyed, but shortly after they are defeated they respawn. This s true for demons aswell.

What Egyptian god does the Sphinx represent?

At the Great Sphinx site, the inscription on a stele by Thutmose IV in 1400 BCE, lists the names of three aspects of the local sun deity of that period, Khepera-Rê-Atum .

How were the Greeks related to the Greek gods?

Well to be honest you answer is in the question. The Greeks believe that they have gods just like other religions. They are known for their extreme seriousness of worshipping them and also they believe each god plays their part in their daily lives. Such as posiden they believe if they worshipped hi ( Full Answer )

What was the role of the Sphinx in Greek mythology?

The Sphinx was a very famous icon, especially in Greek mythology. The Sphinx is known as a female monster which has the body of a lion, the head of a woman, eagle wings and serpent tale. The role of the Sphinx was to reign terror on a town.

What is a Greek gods?

The Greek gods build the theological system of Ancient Greek. The Ancient Greeks had many gods, and there was at least one for every aspect of life. For example, Athena was the goddess of wisdom, Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty, and Poseidon was the god of the sea. If an ancient Greek n ( Full Answer )

Who is the Greek god of IT?

There is no Greek god of IT (information technology) because IT did not exist when the Ancient Greeks worshipped their Greek gods.