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Who killed the President of Rwanda?

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To this day that is still in dispute. The Hutu dominated government and media immediately claimed that the Tutsi rebel group the Rwanda Patriotic Front was responsible for the 1994 killing but there are many suspicious aspects of the assassination. For example, the black box from the plane mysteriously disappeared. It is also difficult to understand how the RPF would benefit from the assassination since the President was on the verge of creating peace in Rwanda. From what I understand no one has ever been charged and no concrete proof has ever been brought forth connecting the event to the RPF or any other group for that matter. the tutsi rebels

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Who was the president who had killed people in Rwanda?

the president

What began the Rwanda genocide?

The killing of the Rwanda president , but the Hutu were the ones that killed the president but many believed it was the tutu-sis. S o that's what began the Rwanda genocide.

What happened to the president of Rwanda?

the president was killed because his plane was shot on 6 April 1994 and he was a Hutu.

Why were the people killed in Rwanda?

The Hutu's President was murdered and the Hutu's blamed his death on the Tutsi's.

Who was the President of Rwanda in 1993?

President Habyarimana was the president of Rwanda in 1993.

Who is the Minister in the Office of the President of Rwanda?

Venatina Tugireyezu is the Minister in the Office of the President of Rwanda.

Who rules Rwanda?

Paul Kagame is the President of Rwanda.

Who is the govner of Rwanda?

The president of Rwanda is Paul Kagame.

How many men were killed in the Rwanda genocide?

It is estimated that 800 000 people were killed in the Rwanda genocide, the figure for how many men were killed is not known.

Who is the leader of Rwanda?

The leader of Rwanda is generally considered to be the president of Rwanda, who is currently Paul Kagame.

Who killed the Tutsi in Rwanda?

The Hutus.

Who killed the tutsis in Rwanda?

The Hutus

When did the recent genocide in rwanda occur and how many people were killed?

The genocide in Rwanda recently occurred in 1994 and about 500000 people were killed.

What are the differences between Rwanda and Armenia?

Rwanda is in Africa but Armenia is is Eurasia Genocide happened in both countries , o.5 million were killed in Rwanda but 1.5 million were killed in Armenia.

Who is in control of Rwanda now?

Paul Kagame is currently the president of Rwanda.

Who was killed in Rwanda?

Mostly Tutsis, but a lot of Hutus were also killed.

What are facts about Rwanda genocide?

there was about 800000 people killed during the 100 day genocide hutus and tutsis were involved hutus forced 200,000 tutsis out of rwanda when the president of rwanda died in a plane that was shot down he was replaced with a hutu tutsis were defeted after 800,000 had already died

Did the French kill the president of Rwanda?


Did president of Rwanda is freemason?


How did the president of Rwanda die before the The Rwanda genocide?

His plane got shot down.

How did Paul Kagame become President of Rwanda?

Paul Kagame was vice president of Rwanda when President Bizimungu resigned in 2000. He has since been elected President twice, in 2003 and 2010.

How many were killed in the Rwanda genocide?

800,000 to 1,000,000

Who was the first president of Rwanda?

kagame poul

How many people were killed in the Rwanda genocide?

800, 000

Did the genocide in Rwanda take more lives than Hitler took Jews?

The commonly quoted figures are: * Rwanda - 800,000 killed * Nazi Holocaust of the Jews: about 6 million killed

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