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Thomas Jefferson led the group of delegates who refused to support the Constitution until it included a Bill of Rights.

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Why did some delegates not support the new constitution?


Why did the delegates draft a new constitution?

The Articles of Confederation weren't sufficient enough to support our growing nation.

Why did the writer of the constitution allow slavery?

In order to get the delegates of the slave owning states to support the Constitution, the Constitutional Convention agreed to recognize the institution of slavery.

Why is it important for candidates to gain the support of delegates?

It's important for candidates to gain support of delegates because a candidate must have the support of a majority of the 2,286 delegates.

When did James Madison write the Bil of rights?

They were written in 1789 because many refused to support the Constitution without it.

What virginian did not support the ratification?

There were several Virginians who did not support the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Some of these men included: George Mason, Patrick Henry, and James Monroe.

Why did Franklin support the constitution?

Why did Franklin. Support the constitution

What nation refused to support the triple alliance when the war broke out because they said it was a defensive alliance?

ITALY refused to give support

How did the founding fathers come to agree on the Constitution despite many differences of opinion?

Not all of them did. A number of delegates left the convention because they could not support the constitution that was taking shape. For those who did stay though, the answer is a profound willingness to compromise. Michael Montagne

Why did the anitifederalist hate the constitution?

It depends on who you are talking about. An anti-federalist just didn't support the constitution. Each person considered an anti-federalist disliked the constitution for their own reasons. Most people believed the constitution would allow the federal government to become too powerful. Which is why some states refused to support the constitution with out the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights (just for your information) was the part of the constitution that stated the people's natural, "God given rights", that the government could not take away.

Why did south pennslyvania want slavery?

In South Carolina, a quarter of the slaves achieved freedom. ... The word "slave" does not appear in the Constitution. ... The framers of the Constitution believed that concessions on slavery were the price for the support of southern delegates for a ... In June 1787, the Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery.

What are two reasons to support the constitution?

what two arguments the federalists used to support the Constitution

Why did many support the ratification of the Constitution without the Bill of Rights?

Without the Bill of Rights, the Constitution looked much like the governmental rules in England, which early Americans were trying to escape. Until the Bill of Rights was included to guarantee certain basic civil liberties to American citizens, the majority of people would not support the Constitution in the works

Which of the founding fathers did not support the ratification of the Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson didn't support the ratification of the constitution

What idea did the delegates support at the constitutional convention?

Strong central government

Why didn't the anti federalists support the Constitution?

They didn't support the Constitution because they thought that the Constitution gave too much power to the federal government.

Who were the people that support the Constitution?

Federalists was the people who supported the Constitution.(^_(^_(^_^)_^)_^)

What did the federalists support?

the constitution

Did the federalist paper explain and support the constitution?

Yes. The Federalist Papers (there were many) were spread to argue in support of the Constitution.

How did Eleanor Roosevelt show her support of minorities?

She sat with black delegates at a conference.

Why did the Texans support the constitution of 1824?

Texas did NOT support the 1824 Mexican constitution. That is why they declared their independence on March 2, 1836.

What is the difference between We included it to support and We've included it to support?

Not much difference. The first sentence has an understood past tense, as in "We did include it then" while the second has an understood present tense "We have included it."

Did the anti-federalists support the constitution?

no, they opposed the idea of constitution

Did Jesse Jackson win the support of many delegates at the 1988 Democratic Convention?


What group did not support the constitution?


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