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Who led the Metis in the rebellions at Red River in 1870 and in the northwest in 1885?

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It was Louis Riel

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Who led the Metis in the rebellions of Red River in 1870 and in the northwest in 1885?

Louis Reil led both Rebellions.

Who led the metis in the rebellions at red river in 1870 and the northwest in 1885?

Louis Riel was the most vocal leader or spokesman, though there were other leaders in both rebellions.

Who led the Metis in the Red River Rebellion of 1870 and the Northwest Rebellion of 1885?

Louis Riel was the Metis leader during both the 1869-70 Red River Rebellion and the Northwest Rebellion of 1885.

Who was the Metis' leader in two rebellions against Canada in 1870 and 1885?

The uprisings (also known as the Riel Rebellion) were led by Louis Riel, who was ultimately tried and hanged for treason.

Where did most metis live?

In 1870, most Metis lived in or near the Red River Settlement, now Winnipeg, Manitoba. After the Red River Rebellion, many Metis scattered across Canada's prairie, and many of those congregated in the area around today's Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Who was the Metis leader in 1870?

Louis Riel. he's very famous.

When was Northwest Territories created?

Northwest Territories was created in 1870.

Why did the metis leave the red river valley region in the early 1870?

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When did Northwest Territories join the confederation?

The Northwest Territories joined the confederation in 1870.

When did the northwest territories become a territory?

it was a territory in 1870

What came first the North West Rebellion or the Red River Rebellion?

The Red River Rebellion occurred from the fall of 1869 to the summer of 1870. The Northwest Rebellion occurred in the spring and early summer of 1885.

When did the Northwest Territories join Confederation?

Northwest Territory date of confederation was July 15, 1870.1869

What year did Northwest Territories join Canada?

They joined in 1870.

In the 1870 which region of the US was most densely populated?


What cultural groups lived in the red river area?

Mostly Metis, some scottish and irish. eventually more colonies started arriving and the governement tried forcing the aboriginal people from their land, which cause the Riel rebellion in 1870

Was the Metis action led by Louis Riel in 1869 - 1870 a true rebellion?

Yes it was. It had 2 main names. the Red River Rebellion and the North West Rebellion.

Why didn't the Northwest Territories want to join confederation?

They joined in year 1870

When did the northwest territory become a territory?

The N.W.T. became a territory on July 15, 1870.

What day was the northwest territory acquired?

July 15 1870 is the official transfer date.

When was Hawkesbury River railway station created?

Hawkesbury River railway station was created in 1870.

When did Yukon become a part of Canada?

Northwest Territories became part of Canada on July 15, 1870. Yukon was created out of Northwest Territories on June 13, 1898.

Why did Manitoba and the north west territories join the confederation in 1870?

The Northwest territories joined the confederation in 1870. The Northwest Territories joined because the Hudson Bay Company, which owned those lands, sold them to the Canadian Government. Manitoba was included in those lands.The Northwest territories also joined for the railway Canada offered. AND go to to get more answers to this

When did Manitoba and the northwest territories join confederation?

They both joined on July 15th 1870. They joined because they wanted to get in on the awesome railway! the nwt joined confederation in 1870 on July 15

Has there ever been war inside of Canada?

Apart from conflicts between Britain and France there were a few internal rebellions - 1837, 1870, 1885, and doubtless other local outbreaks.

When Northwest territories joined Canada?

Rupert's Land and the Northwest Territories were transferred from Britain to Canada on July 15, 1870. The Province of Manitoba was created by the Canadian government on the same day.