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They were led by General Francisco Franco Bahamonde .

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Did the Spanish win the Spanish civil war?

Both sides were Spanish, and one (the Nationalists) won. The Nationalists were Fascists aligned with Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy, who seized control of Spain from the Republicans, who received aid from the Soviet Union. The victory by the Nationalists installed Francisco Franco as the military ruler of Spain from 1939 to 1975.

During the 1930s in Spain civil war broke out between the nationalist fascists led by general fransico franco and the loyalists what countries sent aid to the nationalists in Spain?

Germany and Italy for certain...

Which European country supported Americans during revolutionary war?

france and spain

Who did Spain fight with in World War 2?

Immediately before WWII, Spain was in the throes of civil war between Franco's Nationalists & the Republican (Communist) forces. Nazi Germany sent war materials to The Nationalists, while Stalin supported the Republicans. With the Nationalists being the victors, Franco resisted any & all involvement with The Axis or the Allied Powers. In short, Spain remained neutral.

Other european nation besides france and spain that supported the american revolution?

Along with France and Spain, Holland supported the American Revolution. The American Revolutionary War was fought from 1775 to 1783.

The Spanish Civil War began on 17 July 1936 and was fought between who?

The Spanish Army in revolt supported by Germany, Italy and Portugal (Nationalists) against the legitimate Republican government of Spain supported by the Soviet Union.

Who was in spanish civil war?

Spain - the Republicans and the Nationalists

Why did Portugal supply weapons to nationalists in Spain?


What was the other European nation besides France and Spain that supported the American Revolution by declaring war on Britain?


5The Spanish Civil War which began July 17 of 1936 was fought between?

The Spanish Civil War was fought between the Nationalists (Spanish fascists backed by Italy and Germany) and the Loyalists (aka the Republicans, Spanish Communists backed by the USSR). The Nationalists won, and their leader Francisco Franco remained dictator of Spain until his death in the 1970's.

European allies that supported American during the revolutionary war?

France supported the United States, and Spain was an ally of France and techniclly supported the U.S. 1763-Seven Years War loss for France-mad at Britain 1588-defeat of spanish armada for Spain-mad at Britain

The other European nation besides France and Spain that supported the American Revolution by declaring war on Britain?

The place where it was is in Holland

What was the name of the battle between fascists and loyalists in Spain?

Spanish Civil War

Other European nation besides France and Spain that supported the American revolution by declaring war on Britain?

Holland was the other European nation that supported the American Revolution by declaring war on Britain. The American Revolutionary War lasted from 1775 to 1783.

Did the spanish civil war highlight any division in Europe?

Yes. It did so because it pitted a leftist government which supported Socialism and increased multiculturalism (the Second Republic) against a rightist military coalition that supported the old Monarchical ways and the Catholic Church (the Nationalists). The Soviet Union actively supported the Second Republic as did many volunteers from the USA and Western European countries. They saw their fight as a defense of freedom and liberty that had only been recently gained for all Spaniards as well as the cultural recognition of minorities (Catalonians and Basques) that had historically been repressed. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy supported the Nationalists and saw it as an ideological ally. The Nationalists, led by Franco wanted to restore Spain to the way it had been under the monarchy, giving the Church priority and trying to create a unitary and unified Spanish identity.

Is Spain considered european?

Yes, Spain is a European country.

How was fascism able to gain power throughout Spain during World War 2?

Just before World War II broke out there was a civil war in Spain. This was because the King of Spain would not allow the Fascists to seize power in Spain. The Fascists won the Civil War with the military help of both Germany and Italy

What country was associated with the 3 axis powers during World War 2?

Several smaller European countries joined with the Axis at various times, but while not tehnically involved Spain had strong ties with the Fascists.

What European nations supported the Americans in the war?

The France, Spain, Netherlands, Virginia, Ohio valley, Mississippi valley, and Dutch all supported the Americans in the war buy sending money, rifles, and other supplies.

Where did Spain join the European Union?

Spain joined the European Union in 1986.

Which European country supported the American colonies during the revolutionary war?

Both France and Spain supported the United States. France supplied soldiers, their Navy, and loans, while Spain supplied money. While both countries supported America's ideals, they were equally interested in supporting the Americans as a way of weakening their hated English rivals.

In what country was the civil war in the 1930s between Francisco Franco's Fascists and those loyal to the crown?


Who benefited from the new dictatorship in Spain after the Spanish Civil War?

The Nationalists benefited from the new dictatorship, because Franco led the Nationalists in the Civil War against the Republicans.

Is Spain on the European continent?

yes, Spain is the southwestern most country on the European continent

Who were the 2008 European cup?

spain spain