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um, i think it was the Zhou dynasty...

first was the Xia dynasty. the Shang dynasty conquered them...and then the zhou dynasty conquered the shang dynasty.

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Q: Who led the defeated the Shang Dynasty?
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Who led the Zhou Dynasty in 1100 BC and defeated the Shang Dynasty?


Which dynasty defeated the Chou dynasty?

Dang, you must not know anything about China. Anyway, The answer to your question is The Shang Dynasty. The Shang Dynasty defeated the Chou Dynasty.

What later dynasty defeated the Shang Dynasty?

The Zhou dynasty.

What caused the downfall of the Shang dynasty?

What caused the downfall of the Shang Dynasty was that Shang Zhou's army was defeated by the Zhou people at the Battle of Muye.

What are facts about Shang Dynasty?

~ The last Shang king commited suicide after his army was defeated by Zhou, which then became the next dynasty of China. ~ The Shang Dynasty was once considered a myth

Who led the Shang Dynasty?

A single family ruled the kingdom for such a long time that they became known as the Shang dynasty.

Why did Wu wang lead a rebellion against the Shang Dynasty?

They led a rebellion, because the shang dynasty was cruel

When did the Shang Dynasty in China end?

The Shang Dynasty in China started in 1600 BC and ended in 1046 BC. Di Xin was the last King of the Shang Dynasty and it is believed he committed suicide after his army was defeated.

What led to settlements of the Shang Dynasty?


What were the weaknesses of Shang Dynasty?

The Shang dynasty was located on the Yellow river which caused unpredictable flooding. This led to the drowning of people and the destroying of crops.

What dynasty was shang part of?

Shang was part of the ........ Shang Dynasty.:) (:

What was an achievement of Shang Dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty was established by King Tang in 1675 BC after overthrowing the tyrannical rule of Jie, (the last emperor of the Xia Dynasty). The Shang Dynasty lasted over 600 years and was led by 30 different emperors.

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