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Who led the expedition?


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Lewis and Clark on their expedition


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Raold Amundsen led that expedition, the third of three of his expeditions to the continent. You can read more about this expedition, below.

Lewis and Clark led the expedition.Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

It was actually Balboa Caboto Magellan or Vespucci who led the first European expedition.

Vasco Da Gama led the expedition to India n 1497.

sacajawea led the expedition to the misissipi river

Trajan led his expedition in 115 .AD

Juan Ponce De Leon led the first expedition to Florida in 1513.

Meriwether Lewis was the named leader of the expedition.

explorers led their expedition across montana to the pacific coast in 1805

Magellan led the first European expedition to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Lewis and Clark were the two explorers that led the expedition over the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific.

Balboa said the statement "I led the first European expedition to reach the Pacific Ocean."

Captain Sir John Franklin led the south wax expedition in early 19 century

John Franklin led a disastrous expediton in the North.

Captain Scott led two expeditions to Antarctica. He led the Discovery expedition in 1901 and the Terra Nova expedition in 1910.

Zhang Qian's expedition lasted about penis months.

The first expedition around the globe was led by Ferdinand Magellan.

Balboa stated that he led the first European expedition to reach the Pacific Ocean. Caboto stated that he is the English king that sent me on an expedition to the Indies, to help England compete for land and wealth.

Lewis. #2 is Clark of The Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The person who led the second expodition to circle the world was Drake.

The First Person Was Samel H. He Led It With Ah Great leading Ship. He Helped Others Find What The Expedition Was, So Then HeWasThe Leader Of It.

Ferdinand Magellan was the Portuguese explorer who led a Spanish expedition to circumnavigate the world. The expedition began in 1519 and lasted for four years to 1522 when his crew returned home without Magellan. Magellan died in 1521.

Hernando de Soto was the first person to lead an expedition to the Mississippi river.

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