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Who led world war 3?


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World war 3 has not arrived yet...


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There was never a world war 3, and hopefully there never will be.

explain how the system of alliances led to World War I?

nationalism led to the world war because of franz ferdinands assassination.

world war two led to a tragic day...when worldwar three begun

the french led Britain through world war 1 much of the time that the war was going on. THIS IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The instant cause that led to World War I is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Other things that led to the war is a four year conflict between the great European powers.

John Pershing led the AEF of the World War I and II.

World War One: Kaiser Wilhelm II World War Two: Adolf Hitler

The development by the US of the atomic bomb in World War 2 led most directly to the beginning of the Cold War.

1.Dictatorship 2.Royal family at war 3. Hitler (Maybe) 4.Invasions

The Bolshevik Revolution was the event that led to Russia's early exit from World War 1. It was a costly war for Russia.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the main event that led up to the outbreak of World War 1.

World War 3Wordl War 3 has not occurred.

After ww1 Germany was led by adolf Hitler

The events that led to World War 2 was: We treated Germany badly, they had to take full blame of WW 1, and the had a depression and Hitler came to power

Stalingred was a battle that led into World War 2.

There hasn't been a world war 3 yet.

No one led Russia after Lenin in World War I. Lenin ended Russia's involvement in World War I by signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1918. World War I ended several months later in 1919. Lenin remained fully in power after the war ended.

the thing that directly led to ww1 was the murder of archduke franz ferdinand

The fascist countries during World War 2 were Germany led by Adolf Hitler and Italy led by Benito Mussolini.

There were several factors which led to World War I. A few of those factors were that European countries were fighting for colonization of territories abroad, and militarism.

World War I was known as a war without end because many of the aims of the war ending failed, resulting in weakened states, renewed European nationalism and Germany's humiliation that led to the rise of fascism. These all eventually led to World War II.

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