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Who lives in the Kennedy compound now and where did Rose live up to her death?

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Ted Kennedy was the last Kennedy to live in the original Kennedy home on Marchant Avenue- It is reported (a request in Ted's will) that it be turned into a public/national museum upon his passing.

It was purchased in 1926 by Joseph Kennedy and lived in by his wife and family as their budding family grew. It is the largest and most impressive of the houses in the compound. In 1956, John F. Kennedy bought a house nearby on Irving Avenue and then Robert and Ethel bought a house adjacent to it. Thus, the Kennedy Compound was formed. There are also two guest houses in the compound. Ethel still lives in her and Robert's "cottage" and Caroline inherited JFK's cottage. She sold it to Ted some years ago, preferring to summer in her mother's remote home on Martha's Vineyard. Ted bought it so that it would be kept in the family. Other Kennedy's live within the neighborhood, but not in the compound. Max Kennedy recently sold his waterfront cottage in Hyannis Port after moving to California. It was on the market for about 6 million dollars, although he bought it for 1.2 million and made many improvements to it. Max is the son of Ethel and Robert Kennedy. Rose died in the compound at the age of 104. The Kennedy's also have homes in Boston and other places throughout New England.

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Who lives at the Kennedy compound now and where did Rose live up to her death?

jean smith-rose herto her death

How old was Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy at death?

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy died on January 22, 1995 at the age of 104.

Did John F Kennedy divorce Rose F Kennedy?

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was the mother of John Fitzgerald Kennedy so he could not have divorced her. John was married to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy until his death. There were rumors that he had been married before, but they were just rumors.

How old is Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy?

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on July 22, 1890 and died on January 22, 1995. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy would have been 104 years old at the time of death or 125 years old today.

When did Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy die?

Joseph Kennedy died in 1969 and Rose Kennedy died in 1995

Who is mother of John F. Kennedy?

The mother of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was Rose Kennedy, who was born Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald.

How many times was Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy married?

Rose Kennedy was only married once. She was married to Joseph Patrick Kennedy.

When was Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy born?

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on July 22, 1890.

When was Rachel Rose Kennedy born?

Rachel Rose Kennedy was born on February 24, 1990.

Did Rose Kennedy like Jackie Kennedy?


When did Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy die?

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy died on January 22, 1995 at the age of 104.

Who was John F. Kennedy mother?

Rose Kennedy was the mother of John F. Kennedy.

How many great grandchildren did Joseph Kennedy Sr and Rose Kennedy have?


How many children did Joseph Kennedy Sr and Rose Kennedy have in their lifetime?


Who is the mother of John F. Kennedy Jr?

Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedywas his mother No, Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy was his GRANDMOTHER. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was his mother, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was his father.

How old was Rose Kennedy when she died?


What year did rose Kennedy die?


Are rose Kennedy grandchildren rich?


What is the name of Kennedy's mother?

Rose Kennedy

What were John F. Kennedys parents names?

they were joseph kennedy and rose kennedy

Who is still alive of Rose and Joe Kennedy?

Jean Kennedy Smith b-1928

Where is the burial site of Joseph and Rose Kennedy?

They are buried in a family plot at Brookline, Massachusetts. Joe, Rose, Rosemary, David and Michael Kennedy are buried there.

Where of the boys of John F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy?

John F. Kennedy was the second son of Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Kennedy and Ted Kennedy was the ninth child.

Are any Joseph and Rose Kennedy's children still alive?

One. Jean Ann Kennedy Smith is the last living child of Joseph P. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. As of August 26, 2009 there is one Kennedy remaining. Jean Ann Kennedy was born February 20, 1928 and is the sixth of Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald's nine children.

How many deceased children did rose Kennedy have?

I dont think that Rose Kennedy ever had a miscarriage or still birth. All her children were born and lived to be adults