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The war lasted 10 years.

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How long did Vietcong last?

They are still there they were the victors in the war with the US and now rule Vietnam.

How long did the conflict in Vietnam last?

Most historians generally accept the year 1961 as the starting date, and the North did conquer South Vietnam in 1975.

How long was us in Vietnam?

The United States had troops in Vietnam beginning in 1961. The last American solider left Saigon on April 30, 1975.

When did the last nonPOW leave Vietnam?

The last of the U.S. forces left Vietnam in April, 1973.

What last American left Vietnam from what city name?

The last American left Vietnam from the city of Saigon. The fall of Saigon was considered to be the end of the Vietnam War.

What is the difference between Vietnam and England?

From the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October, Vietnam is 6 hours ahead of England.1 PM BST in England = 7 PM ICT in VietnamFrom the last Sunday of October to the last Sunday of March, Vietnam is 7 hours ahead of England.Noon GMT in England = 7 PM ICT in Vietnam

Who was the last Vietnam soldier to die in the Vietnam war?

Check the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Those names are listed in chronological order; the last name engraved on the wall would be your answer.

Who was the last soldier killed in Vietnam?

L C William Nolde was the last US soldier killed in Vietnam. He was buried in Feb. 1973

What year did the US come out of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

The last U.S. forces left South Vietnam in 1973. The US Embassy was evacuated and the last advisers pulled out in April 1975.

Who was the last American wounded in Vietnam?

See: Statistics About the Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

Who was the last person to die in Vietnam?

See: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; they have a statistics column.

When was the last US draft for war?

The Civil War was the first, Vietnam was the last.

What country did the last name Luong come from?

This last name comes from Vietnam

How long did the US remain in Vietnam in the Vietnam War?

US Military personnel were in Vietnam from 1955 thru 1975.

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