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The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10.

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Was donovan mcnabb ever in the Super Bowl?

The only one I know of, is the 2006 Super Bowl with the Eagles. They lost to the Patriots.

Who won the coin toss in the 2008 Super Bowl?

Since Super Bowl XXXIV (2000) here are the results on who won or lost after correctly calling the coin toss. 2000 Super Bowl XXXIV - the winner of coin toss won Super Bowl 2001 Super Bowl XXXV - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2002 Super Bowl XXXVI - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2003 Super Bowl XXXVII - the winner of coin toss won Super Bowl 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2005 Super Bowl XXXIX - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2006 Super Bowl XL - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2007 Super Bowl XLI - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl (heads) 2008 Super Bowl XLII - the winner of coin toss won Super Bowl (tails)

What is the roman numerals for the Super Bowl 2006?

The 2006 Super Bowl was Super Bowl XL (40).

What years did Chicago Bears play in the Super Bowl?

The Bears have been in the Super Bowl twice: 1984 and 2006. The Bears won the Super Bowl XX and lost Superbowl XLI.

Have the patriots lost a Super Bowl?

yes. the patriots have lost a super bowl

What number was the 2006 Super Bowl?

the 2006 was Super Bowl XL.

Which NFL Team lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2006 Super bowl?

Seattle Seahawks

How many Super Bowl games have the raiders lost?

2 They lost to the Packers in Super Bowl 1 and to the Buccaneers in Super Bowl 37.

How many times have the Baltimore Ravens lost the Super Bowl?

They have never lost in the Super Bowl. They won in both Super Bowl XXXV (2009) and Super Bowl XLVII (2013).

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat in their fifth Super Bowl?

On February 5, 2006, the Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks for their fifth Super Bowl victory. At the time, this was the Steelers sixth Super Bowl appearance.They lost to the Dallas Cowboys in their fifth Super Bowl appearance, which was Super Bowl XXX.

Who lost the Super Bowl in 1967?

Chiefs lost to the Packers 35-10 (Super Bowl I)

When were the Chicago Bear's in the Super Bowl?

the most recent time they were in the Super Bowl was in 2006 against the Indianpolis Colts. (Which the Chicago Bears sadly lost) The only Super Bowl Championship game they won was in 1985.

What date is Super Bowl 2006?

The 2006 Super Bowl XL was played on February 5, 2006.

What year did the Chicago Bears play in their last Super Bowl?

2006 against the colts, but they lost.

What is the roman Super Bowl 2006?

Super Bowl MMVI

How many Super Bowls have the vikings lost?

The Minnesota Vikings have played in four Super Bowls, and lost them all: Super Bowl IV - lost to Kansas City, 23-7 Super Bowl VIII - lost to Miami, 24-7 Super Bowl IX - lost to Pittsburgh, 16-6 Super Bowl XI - lost to Oakland, 32-14 ----------

When did Seattle Seahawks play in Super Bowl?

They played in Super Bowl XL in 2006, losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They played in Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 when they beat the Denver Broncos. And then in 2015 they lost to the NE Patriots

Has Seattle played in NFL Super Bowl?

The Seattle Seahawks went to Super Bowl XL in the 2005-2006 season, and lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 21-10.

How many Super Bowl appearances do the Washington Redskins have?

The Washington Redskins have been appeared in five Super Bowls.Super Bowl VII (lost)Super Bowl XVII (won)Super Bowl XVIII (lost)Super Bowl XXII (won)Super Bowl XXVI (won)

Have the New York Giants lost a Super Bowl?

The Giants lost Super Bowl XXXV to the Ravens.

Did the raiders win there last Super Bowl?

No. The Raiders lost their last Super Bowl. They lost Super Bowl XXXVII to Tampa Bay, 48-21.

What date was the Super Bowl in 2006?

Super Bowl XL was played on February 5, 2006.

How many playoff appearances have the New England Patriots had in the last 10 years?

The Patriots have had playoff appearances in the following years:2001 - won Super Bowl XXXVI2003 - won Super Bowl XXXVIII2004 - won Super Bowl XXXIX2005 - lost Division Championship Game2006 - lost AFC Championship Game2007 - lost Super Bowl XLII

What were the Roman numerals for the 2006 Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl that was played on February 5, 2006, was Super Bowl (40). The Roman numerals were XL.

What years have the Denver Broncos lost the Super Bowl?

The Denver Broncos have lost 4 Super Bowls. They lost in Super bowl XII in 1978, Super bowl XXI in 1987, Super bowl XXII in 1988, and Super bowl XXIV in 1990. The lost to the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and San Francisco 49ers, respectively.