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Who lost the battle of Saratoga?

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The Americans won the battle of Saratoga because the British surrendered.

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What did the british do after they lost the battle of saratoga?


What general lost at the battle of saratoga?

John Burgoyne

Was general Burgoyne in the battle of Saratoga?

Yes. He also lost.

How long did the battle of Saratoga last and was general Burgoyne in the battle of saratoga?

burgonye was in the battle of Saratoga, and the battle of saratoga was 19 days long

Why is the battle of saratoga called the battles of saratoga?

Because the battle was in New York Saratoga so they call it Saratoga battle.

How did the battle of saratoga affect the entire revolutionary war?

The battle of Saratoga occured during the American Revolutionary War. Many British lives were lost and was a pivotal battle in gaining independence of Britan.

Who commanded the American troops at Saratoga but lost the battle at Camden?

Colonel Burford

Who was the british commander that lost the battle of saratoga in 1777?

General John Burgoyne

How many people were in the Battle of Saratoga?

the british lost 600 people and the colines 150

Who was the general who planed the ill-fated British invasion of New York state and loser of the crucial battle of Saratoga?

The British commander who lost the Battle of Saratoga was John Burgoyne.

What battle did the French become allies of the colonists?

The battle of Saratoga. The battle of Saratoga.

Is the Battle of Bunker Hill before or after the battle of saratoga?

before the battle of saratoga

In the battle of Saratoga what were they fighting for?

In the battle of saratoga, they were fighting for independence.

Where did the battle of saratoga take place?

The Battle of Saratoga took place at Saratoga County, New York.

How many fought in the battle of saratoga?

There were about 40,000 people in the battle of Saratoga

Did the Americans win the battle of saratoga?

The battle of saratoga was won by the americans.

Which happened first the battle of Saratoga or the battle of white plains?


Disadvantages of battle of saratoga?

The British lost the Battle of Saratoga to the Americans. Some of the disadvantages they faced were the lack of reinforcement, being heavily outnumbered by the Americans, and being cut off on all sides from battle food and water supplies.

What battle came first the battle of saratoga or the battle of Yorktown?

The Battle Of Saratoga was first, the Battle of Yorktown was much later.

Where was the battle of saratoga fought?

Saratoga, NY

What influenced the Battle of Saratoga?

Saratoga Springs

Battle of saratoga-american leaders?

who was the leader of the americans in the battle of saratoga

What was a famous quote that someone said during the battle of saratoga?

Battle of Saratoga

Was the battle of freeman's farm the first and last battle of the battle of Saratoga?

The Battle of Freeman's Farm was the first, but not the last battle of Saratoga.

What happened first the battle of saratoga or the battle of white plains?

what happen first the battle of saratoga or the battle of whoite palins