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Michael Jackson recorded the album and song "Thriller."

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Thriller and Thriller 25.

There are nine songs on Michael Jackson's Thriller album.

When I got mu Thriller album it cost 900.00

no it was his second album (thriller-1982)after his first album off the wall 1979.

Thriller - album - was created on 1982-11-08.

Micheal Jackson thriller album was released on November30,1982

The album thriller made millions maybe even trillions of dollars

Bad was the next album after Thriller, if I'm understanding your question correctly

Thriller of course. Thriller was also his best selling album out of all of his hits.

Michael Jackson his album Thriller

Yes, Thriller was the best selling album worldwide since 1983, Thriller is by artist Michael Jackson

I believe it was "Bad"

These are his Top 10 Hit Singles: 10. Man in the Mirror, Bad Album 9: You Are Not Alone, History Album 8. Black or White, Dangerous Album 7. ABC, ABC Album 6. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Off The Wall Album 5. Beat It, Thriller Album 4. Smooth Criminal, Bad Album 3. Earth Song, History Album 2. Billie Jean, Thriller Album 1. Thriller, Thriller Album

the thriller album was originally released in 1982 only 3 years after off the wall in 1979 x

Yes Thriller was one of his biggest hits and the music video Thriller is considered the best video of all time. The album Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time.

Michael Jackson's Thriller album

The song Billie Jean is on the album Thriller.

The Thriller Album is the most valuable

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson collaborated on "The Girl is Mine" for the Thriller album. At the same time, they collaborated on "Say, Say, Say" for McCartney's album.

No Thriller was not Michael Jackson's first album as an adult solo artist it was Off the Wall, his actual first solo album was Got To Be There released in 1972.

All seven of the singles released from the Thriller album were top ten hits.

No, to celebrate Thriller's 25th anniversary the album was remade and all of the songs are compilations with today's artists such as Fergie and Akon.

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