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there is no 1000000 bill

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Q: Who made the 1000000 dollar bill?
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Who is on the 1000000 dollar bill?

There is no one million dollar bill and never has been.

Is it possible to lift 1000000 in the ten dollar bill?

there isnt a 1,000,000 inside the ten dollar bill

How much is a 1000000 Turkiye dollar bill worth in U.S. dollars?


Is the 1000000 dollar bill with Rutherford Hayes worth anything?

I am assuming it is a photoshopping hoax, and no such bill ever existed.

Is there a German 1000000 dollar bill?

There is no such thing as the German dollar. The currency in German is the Euro (symbol '€'). The largest Euro banknote is €500.

Who is face is on the 1000000 dollar bill?

No one, because there is no such thing as a $1 million bill. Remove a zero to make it a $100,000 bill and the answer is President Woodrow Wilson.

Is there any us dollar with 1000000 denomination printed in 1996?

No, nor has a genuine million dollar bill ever been printed in any year.

Is the thousand dollar bill still made?

The 1,000 dollar bill was discontinued in 1964.

What is M1271322A on 1000000 dollar us bill?

The U.S. has never printed a $1,000,000 bill. Any you might find are merely novelties, NOT genuine currency.

Is there 1000000 bill?

There's never been a US "million dollar" bill. They're novelty items that you can buy in a gift shop for a few dollars.

What coin and dollar bill is Lincoln on?

The five dollar bill and the Lincoln Penny is what Lincoln is on. The dollar bill was made in honor of his presidency.

Can a fifty dollar bill be made from a five dollar bill?

only if you have amazing counterfeiting talent :-)

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