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I have a Ranger Model 36 .22 cal. S-L-LR Made in the U.S.A. fair condition. The bolt and clip have been removed. No signs of serial number. I hope this helps since I am in need of the same information. I would like to know the adge of the rifle.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-26 02:02:46
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Q: Who made the 22 S L LR Ranger slide action rifle serial 10827K?
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What is the age of a 22 s l lr Ranger single shot bolt action rifle with no serial number or other identifying marks?

Pre 1968

What is the age of a Browning ranger serial is 92602?

Can't answer without knowing if it is a rifle or shotgun.

How old is winchester rifle serial no2345948?

If you are asking about a Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle?Then with the serial number that you have provided,your rifle was made in the year 1958.

What is a 25-35 lever action rifle octagon serial serial?

10-1000 usd

When was Winchester model 94 ranger serial number 5377613 made?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 94 ranger rifle was made in the year 1985.

How is is your marlin 38.55 lever action rifle serial 93777?


What is a 1873 Winchester 32 20 serial?

Lever action rifle

What is the model of an old single shot bolt action Ranger .22 rifle with no model designation marked anywhere and what is its approximate age?

We have a Ranger bolt action rifle with a model # 103-8. We do not know the age of our gun however.

How many bullets does the ranger bolt action 22 caliber rifle hold?

I believe that bolt action rifle has a 5 round magazine and a 10 round magazine............................

What is the value of a Winchester Serial Number 30099?

Rifle or shotgun? What type of action?

What is a Ranger 22 rifle pump serial 113045k worth?

10-100 USD depending on condtion.

What is the manufacture date of a Winchester ranger 30-30 serial number 5427958?

Your winchester model 1894 ranger rifle was made by winchester in 1987.

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