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In fact there is no official information.

I'm sure it has not been done by amazon itself. There is answer on Wikipedia: Foxconn. See related link below.
Jeff bezoz
The Kindle was definitely a group effort of many minds pooling together to create this product, therefore it is hard to pinpoint a certain person. The e-ink, which moves around the screen to create the images that create the words was developed at MIT. the e-ink uses very little energy to mover, and once it is in place, it uses no energy to sustain its position on the screen.

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Who are the creates of the Kindle by amazon?

It is an amazon kindle, therefor, amazon made it.

What company made the Kindle Fire?

amazon made the kindle fire

What is the Amazon Kindle made of?


What are kindle books?

Kindle books are the ebooks you find at the Amazon Kindle store that are readable only on the Amazon Kindle or Amazon Kindle DX.

Can you read kindle books on a Sony e reader?

Probably not. The Kindle is made by Amazon, and Amazon and Sony are two different companies.

Who invented the Kindle Fire?

I don't know who exactly made it, but Amazon is the brand who made it.

Who makes Kindle?

Kindle is manufactured by Amazon Digital Services, an Amazon company.

Who makes the Kindle?

Kindle is manufactured by Amazon Digital Services, an Amazon company.

When was Amazon Kindle created?

Amazon Kindle was created on 2007-11-19.

Who was the inventor of the Kindle?

Amazon is the creator of the Kindle.

Did Amazon Kindle come before Nook or did Nook come before Amazon Kindle?

The Nook came well after the Kindle.

How can you get an amazon account with a kindle?

when you buy a kindle the first thing you should do is create a amazon account and then link your kindle to your account

What companies make the Kindle?

Amazon makes the kindle .

Who makes the kindle touch?

Amazon manufacture Kindle.

How can you get a Kindle?


Can you surf the internet on amazon Kindle?

No, you can only access the Amazon kindle store if you are connected to a network.

Who created the Kindle?

Kindle is created by Amazon starting from earlier version of kindle 1.

How expensive is the basic Amazon Kindle?

The basic Amazon Kindle is about $114. It has gone down in price a lot!

Where can you purchase a Kindle from?

There is many places to get a kindle, but i recommend amazon.

Where are the books for a Kindle?

get a amazon account and you then buy them off your kindle

Does Best Buy have amazon Kindle?

Yes, certain stores do have the Amazon Kindle in stock, however, you can not buy the Kindle online at Best Buy's website.

What different kinds of Kindles does Amazon sell?

Currently, Amazon has six unique versions of their e-reader the Kindle. There is the original Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite and Paperwhite 3G, the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD, and the Kindle Fire HD 4G.

Who manufactures the Kindle?


Who owns Kindle?


Who manufacturers kindle?