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Who made the Ranger 101-13 22 rifle?


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2006-09-30 17:14:36
2006-09-30 17:14:36

The rifle is a Stevens 87 seni auto 22 Ranger was a Sears brand before World War 2. Sears guns sold after the war were sold under the JC Higgins brand. What you have is a pre war rifle made in the late 30s to 1941.


Related Questions has store brand chart

Marlin Arms. Same as Model 81 has a store brand chart that might help.

Marlin- Mdl 80 with an adjustable trigger

No serial number data published

Most probably a rifle.

the ranger Mod 35 was made by savage mod 52B 1933-1937

It is most likely that Marlin made the Ranger 22 Model 35. Some other companies like Stevens also produced this model, but Marlin made the majority of them.

Type your answer here is the last number a model # if not try looking for doc's that have 1860 to 1890

the ranger Mod 35 was made by savage mod 52B 1933-1937

Ranger 22 were made by serval different companies Stevens , marlin, Winchester,savage just to name a few. How ever there should be a model # on it . Check out Hoosier Gun Works Online Catalog .I too have a .22 target rifle marked on ranger.22 long rifle cannot find any other writing or numbers.I too also have the ranger 22LR. looking for the proper scope base model or size to fit the large barrel size barrel very large most commenly called target barrelThis is likely a Savage/Stevens Model 416 sold through Sears as explained above. This model just said RANGER-.22 LONG RIFLE with no model number.

try catalogs from that time frame

Search the internet and see if there are any collector sites for Ranger

Needs to be examined by a gunsmith to determine the proper chambering.

I have a Ranger Model 36 .22 cal. S-L-LR Made in the U.S.A. fair condition. The bolt and clip have been removed. No signs of serial number. I hope this helps since I am in need of the same information. I would like to know the adge of the rifle.

Ranger was a Sears Roebuck trademark. The guns were manufactured by several makers. If you have a model number, it may be in a cross-reference list. See

Iver Johnson made the Trailblazer semi auto .22 rifle

Winchester made many rifle models chambered in several .22 calibers.

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