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Ranger was a Sears Roebuck trademark. The guns were manufactured by several makers. If you have a model number, it may be in a cross-reference list. See

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Q: Who made the Ranger 22 rifle?
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Who made ranger rifle 22 101?

Savage/ Stevens

Who made ranger 101-14 22 rifle?


Who made the Ranger M 34 single shot 22 rifle?


Who made the Ranger 22 L LR Rifle Model 34?


Who made the Ranger Model 103-9 22 cal rifle?


Who made ranger mod36 22 cal rifle? has store brand chart

Who made the ranger model 36 22 cal rifle?

Marlin model 80

Who made ranger 22 long rifle 103.13?

Marlin Arms. Same as Model 81

Who made ranger 22 pump rifle? has a store brand chart that might help.

Who made the Ranger 22 rifle model 36?

Marlin- Mdl 80 with an adjustable trigger

What year was the ranger 101.11 - 22 rifle made?

No known published sn data.

What year was a ranger 101.13 bolt action 22 rifle made?

No published sn data.

Who made a 22 caliber rifle marked ranger 101 18 short long long rifle semiautomatic?

Savage model 87A

What year was ranger 101-14 22 rifle made?

No serial number data published

When was the ranger 22 bolt action rifle made and buy whom?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What is the value of a 22 caliber semi automatic rifle made by ranger?

25-100 USD or so

Who made Ranger 103.13 bolt action 22 rifle for sears and roebuck?

Marlin Mdl 81

Who made the Ranger 101-13 22 rifle?

The rifle is a Stevens 87 seni auto 22 Ranger was a Sears brand before World War 2. Sears guns sold after the war were sold under the JC Higgins brand. What you have is a pre war rifle made in the late 30s to 1941.

What is a ranger 22 cal?

Most probably a rifle.

How much is a ranger 22 rifle?


Where can you get parts for a 22 caliber Ranger Model 35 rifle?

the ranger Mod 35 was made by savage mod 52B 1933-1937

Who made a 22 caliber rifle marked ranger 101-18 short-long-long rifle semiautomatic?

Sears- jc Higgins

Who made the Ranger 22 S-L-LR Rifle Model 35?

It is most likely that Marlin made the Ranger 22 Model 35. Some other companies like Stevens also produced this model, but Marlin made the majority of them.

How can you identify a 22 caliber Ranger pump action rifle marked 22 SL LR on the barrel?

Made by Stevens before World War II.

Western auto 22 rifle ranger 101.16?