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Who made the Senorita revolver?

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Is this an odd-ball automatic pistol that is fired by squeezing the grip and has no trigger? Pistols of the World says it was made in France by an unknown manufacturer.

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What is the value of a senorita revolver?

Not made by Browning. Wrong place to ask.

How much is a senorita 22 revolver?

f24 USD or so

What is the value and maker of this 22 short revolver that has a B on the grips and senorita on the barrel markings?

Probably Spain, 10-50 USD

When was the first revolver made?

when was the first revolver made?

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Who in Belgium made a revolver?

It might be eaiser to ask who in Beligum didn't make a revolver.

Who made the revolver?

Samuel Colt

Where was the smith revolver made?

In the USA

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What year was a Colt revolver made with serial number SA394846?

Serial number shows it is a single action revolver made someime after 1978.

.32 revolver made in Spain?

Many were

Where was the colt revolver rilfe made?

In the USA

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What year was colt's manufacturing company 38 cal revolver serial 94764 made?

38 cal colt's revolver sn 94764 what year was it made?

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What happend after the revolver gun was made?

You will have to be more specific.

Where was the first revolver made?

Either in the US or Britian.