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If you are talking about the first ATOMIC bomb, the the answer is complicated. The first bomb was built in the USA during WWII. At some point in the 1930's it was discovered that nuclear fusion could be used to create huge amounts of energy. Due to the growing possibility that Nazi Germany had access to materials needed for nuclear fusion, the USA government began the Manhattan Project. At that time Britain was under strong air raids so it was impossible to made reactor there so scientist of british went America for taking part in this mission. They also enlisted the help of physicist Robert Oppenheimer, and Albert Einstein to design the bomb. If you're talking aerial bombs, 1911 during the Italian-Arab Wars. If you're talking grenade-like bombs, the Chinese. the first to use the bomb was the Germans which made the Great Britain during the war in line with this, it can be argued the Germans were the first bomb-maker since they were the first to use it especially the rocket.
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When was the first bomb made?

First Bombs \n\nThere are records of the Mongols using bombs against the Japanese as early as 1281 AD. The Chinese are commonly credited with the invention of the first form of gunpowder, Black Powder, but there is no definitive date or creditation for that.

Why was the first atomic bomb made?

The first atomic bomb was made to test the theory that a "super weapon" could be built using the principles of nuclear physics. Ideas of the nature of the physics of the atom developed as the 20th century rolled on, and continued to do so as World War 2 began and raged across the globe. It was felt ( Full Answer )

When was the first nuclear bomb made?

Answer . The first nuclear bomb was made during 1941~1945, by the USA's Manhattan Project, the top-secret project for developing nuclear weapons. The first nuclear explosion ever took place somewhere in New Mexico in the Nevada Desert at July 16, 1945, the famous "Trinity" Test.. it was develope ( Full Answer )

When and where was the first atomic bomb made and detonated?

The [Manhattan] project succeeded in developing and detonating three nuclear weapons in 1945: a test detonation of a plutonium implosion bomb on July 16 (the Trinity test ) near Alamogordo, New Mexico ; an enriched uranium bomb code-named " Little Boy " on August 6 over Hiroshima , Jap ( Full Answer )

Who made the first hydrogen bomb?

The first hydrogen bomb was designed by American Richard "Dick" Garwin. Whilst Garwin made the first design, Edward Teller and a team of scientists made the first actual bomb. In interviews, Teller was quite adamant that the credit go to Garwin for his design, but he accepted the credit for the cons ( Full Answer )

When was the first atomic bomb made?

The first nuclear weapon was constructed by the US in the first half of 1945. This weapon, which was set atop a tower (static test) and code-name Trinity, was detonated on July 16, 1945. The second and third weapons were built later in the year, and these were the pair that was dropped on Japan.

Where was the first nuclear bomb made?

Both the first fission bomb (the Gadget device exploded in Trinitytest July 16, 1945 on a 100 foot tall steel tower in the Jornadadel Muerto valley in what is now White Sands Missile Range) and thefirst fusion bomb (the Sausage device exploded in Ivy Mike testNovember 1, 1952 on the surface at Enewe ( Full Answer )

Where was the atomic bomb made?

The atomic bomb was created in Los Alamos, New Mexico. many peoplemay think that it was made in New York because the project behindthe building of the atomic bomb was called the Manhattan Project.it is called this because it is named after the location ofColumbia University that held much of the ear ( Full Answer )

What was the first city to be bombed with an atomic bomb?

Hiroshima, Japan was the first city in history to suffer a nuclear attack on August 6, 1945. Nagasaki was attacked with a nuclear weapon three days later. These are the only two nuclear weapons used in anger.

Who made the bomb?

An atomic bomb of the 'Little Boy' type, which was detonated overHiroshima. The decision by the United States to use this bombagainst Japan in August 1945 is credited with ending World War II.It was $2 billion the approximate cost of research and developmentof the atomic bomb by the United States, c ( Full Answer )

Where was the first atomic bomb made?

It was designed and the kits of parts were crated at Los Alamos,NM. The Trinity test device was assembled at the Trinity site. The two bombs dropped on Japan were assembled on the island ofTinian.

Which president made the first nuclear bomb?

Harry S. Truman was president when the first nuclear bomb was created by the scientists, chemists, and physicists of the Manhattan Project during WWII.

Are bombs always made of metal?

That would certainly be the most common construction, but with the development of super-plastics it would be surprising if some are not made of it. Actually the first bombs were probably made of vegetables - a gourd filled with gunpowder.

When was the fist bomb made?

The first bombs were used in China in 1221. They were made of castiron and packed with gunpowder.

Who made atom bomb?

albert Einstein ,Robert j. oppenhimer ,Michel montage ,phillip morrson,Leo zilland ,edward tellar ,and enrico fermi

Who made the neutron bomb?

The neutron bomb is generally credited to Samuel Cohen of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , who developed the concept in 1958. Although initially opposed by President John F. Kennedy , its testing was authorized and carried out in 1963 at an underground Nevada test facility.Developmen ( Full Answer )

How is a bomb made?

it is made by using a various explosive chemicals. and they are all highly flammable substances which could react very quickly. they could kill billions of people in just a matter of time..

How bombs are made?

Bombs are made with the ingredients that are found easily on the Internet. Making the bomb, however, is a different question. A liquid explosive that is most well-known is nitroglycerin. If it freezes, it detonates. If it falls, just two or three feet, it will detonate, which makes it highly impract ( Full Answer )

Why was the atom bomb made?

It was made to stop war the war with Japan because they would't surrender for the United States.

What was the nuclear bomb made of?

The first nuclear bombs were fission devices. The fissile materials used are Uranium 235 and Plutonium 239. Later bombs were thermonuclear or fusion weapons. The material used in some early experimental devices was tritium ( kept liquid at very low temperature). Modern thermonuclear devices use lit ( Full Answer )

How was the swanton bomb made?

Jeff Hardy Got The Idea From A Past Wrestler Named The GREAT SASKUE Saskue Used To Jump Out The Ring The Same Way Jeff Does For The Swanton. Then Jeff Tested It Until Perfection In Other Words Jeff Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the outside of the atomic bomb made of?

The casing can be made of many things depending on its intendedapplication, but in most cases its some kind of metal. Missilewarheads though usually use a composite casing that ablates duringreentry, preventing the warhead inside from burning up. If you were asking about the bombs dropped in ww2 on ( Full Answer )

How was the first bomb made?

the first atomic bomb was made by Albert Einstein by splitting the first atom. Some problems with this one. Firstly, the question says first bomb, not first atomic bomb. Secondly, Einstein never made, or designed, or worked on, a bomb of any kind. Thirdly he was not the first to split an atom - in ( Full Answer )

How the first atom bomb was made?

Wedges of the metal Plutonium were assembled into a ball shape, and surrounded by explosives. When the explosives detonated, they crushed the ball into a smaller, denser ball, triggering a nuclear fission reaction. This changes Plutonium into other materials, and releases huge amounts of energy very ( Full Answer )

First Nuclear bomb was made in?

Although the Germans during World War II were the first to come up with both the concept it never came to light. America was the first nation to make a nuclear weapon.

When were bombs made?

They were made during the years of 1914 and stopped using them on 1918. That is now go away.

Where was the atomic bomb first bombed in?

It was first dropped on people in Hiroshima, Japan, August 6th, 1945, then Nagasaki, Japan, August 9th, 1945, both by the US. However, the first test was in New Mexico (again by the US), but there the people were told that it was going to happen.

What state was the first nuclear bomb made in?

The Manhattan Project was the codename for a project conducted during World War II to develop the first atomic bomb. A nuclear weapon is an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions, either fission or a combination of fission and fusion. Project research took place a ( Full Answer )

Who made the first nuclear bombs?

The United States, with its activities through the Manhattan Project in WW2, produced the first nuclear weapons. There were thousands of people on this project, from my grandfather working as a general construction worker at Hanford and totally baffled at the tons of perfectly good equipment the arm ( Full Answer )

Who created the first nuclear bomb made?

The first Nuclear weapon was created by a team of American Scientist's, known as the Manhattan project. It was first tested and used in 1945, not long before we used them on Japan.

What man made the atomic bomb?

You must be thinking of Oppenheimer. He did not personally make the bomb by himself. Thousands of workers were needed to create and build the three atomic bombs during World War 2. They were developed in the Manhattan Project in several places around the US but the primary place was in New Mexico.

Who is the made the first atom bomb?

The USA created the first atomic bomb in New Mexico in the closing stages of World War Two. They used it to defeat Japan.

Who made the first USA atom bomb?

The US didn't make the first atomic bomb by themselves...They had the help of the Canadian and the British in building it. This project was called "Operation Manhattan" or the "Manhattan Project."

What bomb is made from manure?

Governments go for the well know material for bomb making but the classic militia starter bomb is always fertilizer based. It's easy to obtain because fertilizer is made from pig, sheep, and cow manure.

When did the first atomic bomb made?

16th July 1945 was the first atomic explosion, at the White Sands Testing Facility near Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA.

Was the first atomic bomb made in Chicago?

No. It was assembles and mostly produced in Alamogordo, New Mexico. There were other places where people worked to make parts of the bomb's elements and processed the uranium and plutonium for the bombs.

Where in Tennessee was the first nuclear bomb made?

Nowhere. The first atomic bomb was made in Los Alamos, New Mexico. However uranium was enriched in several large plants at Oak Ridge,Tennessee. This site was selected by the Manhattan Project due tothe available of low cost electricity from the Tennessee ValleyAuthority, which was needed to operate ( Full Answer )

What nucealer bombs are made of?

Basically, nuclear weapons are made from uranium or plutonium material and hydrogen as a chain reaction nucleus.

How is lava bombs made?

Not a bomb in the usual sense- lava bombs are globs of lava formed inside of a volcano- blown out by the force of an eruption.

How was the Hiroshima atomic bomb made?

The United States, with assistance from the United Kingdom and Canada, designed and built the bombs under the codename Manhattan Project naming Robert Opperheimmer head of the team. You could see the basic diagrams of the bomb but the specific specifications remain classified.

Who made the first nuclear bomb made?

The US made the first Nuclear Bomb which was an Atomic Bomb. It wasused on August 1945 to simply force Japan onto it's knees andsurrender to the US.

When was Abdul qadeer khan made his first atomic bomb?

He is a Pakistani nuclear scientist and a metallurgical engineer, colloquially regarded as the founder of HEU based Gas-centrifuge uranium enrichment program for Pakistan's integrated atomic bomb project and the media never tires of glorifying AQ Khan as an eminent nuclear supremo. AQ Khan built the ( Full Answer )