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Who made the first computer ever?

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Charles Babbage made the first ever computer

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What was the first computer ever made?

The first computer was an analog computer, probably mechanical.

What was the first computer that was ever made?

The Manchester Mark 1 was the first computer that was made and worked.I do not know EXACTLY when the very first computer was made, but the first fully electronic computer was made in 1942 Iowa State College.

How large was the first computer ever made?

The first computer ever built weighed 30 tons and was the size of two semis.

Brand of the first computer ever made?

The first computer had no brand, it was a one offmachine and was not sold.

Who made the first ever Playstation?

Sony made it in there computer entertainment division

What was the first computer ever made and by whom?

john howard

How much did the first computer ever made cost?


What do you think the first ever computer mouse was made of?


What year was the very first computer ever made?


When was the first electronic computer ever made?

1954, if I'm not wrong. It was a gigantic computer.

Did Charles Babbage build the first computer ever made?

no. but he did invent the first general purpose programmable computer invented.

How old is the first computer ever made?

Because many devices in the history of computers are regarded as 'the first computer', it is hard to determine how old the first computer ever made is. Having been manufactured in 1837 by Charles Babbage, the Analytical Engine, which is considered to be the first 'real computer', is 177 years old.

What was the second computer ever made?

The worlds first computer was a iphone 4s the second computer would be a ipad 2

When the first computer was ever made?

aroundB.C. computer means someone who calculates mathematical problems. i believe you may find the answer searching forENIAC, the worlds first computer..

Why was the first computer game made?

To produce a simple, understandable demo program for the computer to run for the press and the public.

Where was the first computer ever made?

Charles Babbage's adding machine in the nineteenth century

What was the main role of the first computer ever made?

A cake fell from yo dad

What is the first computer font ever made or used?

It´s called Digi Grotesk and was made 1968. heres more info:

What was the size of the first computer ever made?

The first computer known to have been made was housed in a wooden box approximately 340 × 180 × 90 mm in size. It was a mechanical analog computer that performed astronomical calculations.

What are the first four computers made?

i think one was the mac which problywas the first computer ever created but i am 50% sure

What year was the first digital computer ever made?

In a court case it was decided that in 1939 at Iowa state university is were the first "Digital computer" was born. But the first digital computer would have to be a calculator since they come out in 1623.

What could the first electronic computer do?

what could the first ever computer actually do?

What was the first video game ever and who was the creator?

The first game ever was a crude version of the 2d, "Asteroids" for very expensive computer systems at that time. I forgot who made it, sorry.

Why was the first computer invented?

As the word computer implies: Compute means to calculate or solve any problem... Therefore, the first computer was made to do the mathematical calculations and to get these result with much more ease then ever before...

When was the first computer made in England?

The first computer was made in England in the year 1837.