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Who made the first keyboard?


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Christopher scholes was the first person to invent a keyboard

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Robert Moog made the keyboard now what I'm tyring to figure out is when it was made

The first totally epic keyboard was made by this really sick person named Jake Bakken and this epically awesome person made it in 2010.

in 2005 by autumn bull jones

keyboard,usb,CPU, and you ! ")

It was made in the United States in 1875 by Christopher Latham Sholes

Well first of all get yourself cardboard as big as a keyboard. Then just draw in the letters and numbers and arrow keys. Now you have a keyboard made of cardboarD!

who invented the instrument keyboard

christopher sholes was the first one to invent the first keyboard in 1868.

=the first stlye of keyboard was the 6159620644 model=

IBM are invented the first laser keyboard.

The banana is not made out of keyboard symbols. It is made using a emoticon keyboard which is a app that can be downloaded on most devices.

The first keyboard was invented in 1868 by Christopher Sholes. The first modern keyboard was when the computers arrived in the mid 20th century.

QWERTY Are the first six letters of the QWERTY Keyboard.

what types of letters did the first keyboard type?

On a standard English keyboard the first six letters of the first row are qwerty, so this is how this keyboard layout is known.

qwerty keyboard because these letters are the first 5 letters on the keyboard

The hammered dulcimer could be called the first keyboard instrument ever. The dulcimer's origin is uncertain, but tradition holds it was invented in Persia, some 2000 years ago. It was the instrument that was implemented into the piano. And since the keyboard is an electronic piano, the hammered dulcimer it the first keayboard instrument made.

A dummy keyboard is a keyboard made out of any material with normal looking keys. However, the dummy keyboard will not emit any sound.

The first keyboard was created in the middle ages for the pipe organ. It is unclear by whom.

The first cell phone with a keyboard was Treo 180. It was released in 2001.

The first name of the keyboard was called "Qwerty", you can actually see those letters on the top left hand corner of your keyboard too.

The pipe organ is at least a thousand years old, maybe much older than that.

the first note on a keyboard starts with the letter 'C'

Usually, the first note on a keyboard is C. On some grand pianos, however, the lowest note, the first to the left, is an A.

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