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the revere standard 8mm projector was manufactured by the revere company of Chicago, Illinois.

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Q: Who made the revere projector model 80?
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What year was the revere eight model 80 movie camera made?

Early 1940s.

When was the Marlin Model 80 produced?

the model 80 was made between 35-59

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Yes.The marlin model 80 was chambered in .22LR,which is a rimfire cartridge.They were made from 1934-1939 as a promotional model.The model 80E was made from 1934-1940,the model 80C was made from 1940-1970,the model 80DL was made from 1940-1965,and the model 80G was made from 1960-1965.

When was a marlin model 80 made?

Model 80 1934 to 1939 Model 80-E 1934 to 1939 peep sight with hooded front sight Model 80-C 1940 to 1970 semi-beavertail forearm Model 80-DL 1940 to 1965 semi-beavertail forearm with peep sight

Who made the ranger model 36 22 cal rifle?

Marlin model 80

Who made sears ted Williams model 42?

Same as a Marlin model 80

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If your Ranger is a bolt action .22, it is likely a Marlin Model 80 made for Sears.

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Made by Marlin....same as the Marlin Model 80

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The Marlin model 80 was made from 1934 to 1939. Later improvements of the original model 80 such as the 80E, 80C, 80DL & 80G were made all the way up to 1965. There were many sight & stock configurations giving the rifle a different model number suffix.

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A model 80 WHAT? Mossberg made rifles, shotguns, and pistols. If a local gun shop does not have the part you need, you may find it at

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Most of thses were made by Marlin under there Model 80 series

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@1932 to at least the late 80's

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I believe your rifle is a Marlin Model 80 made for Sears.

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from what i've read, the target model 8" 38 special was made for 2 years '80 and '81

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The model 36 is a Marlin Model 80.

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Mid 80's

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Early 80's

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B-80 made in 1985

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The model 80 was made between 1977 -1983. Apx 48,000 were made. See the link Below for their home page. You may want to ask them for more information

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Its probably a marlin model 80,some were also made by winchester.

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The daisy model 80 was made between 1954-57. It came with a scope and canteen. Please state the condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value.