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Governor John Carver made the treaty between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.

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Q: Who made the treaty between the pilgrims and Americans?
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The governor who made the treaty between pilgrims and native Americans?

John Carver was the governor that made the treaty between the pilgrims and the native Americans

The governor who made the treaty between the pilgrims and the native Americans was?

William Bradford

Who made the treaty between the pilgrims and th native Americans?

William Bradford

The governor who made the treaty between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans?

John Carver

What did the treaty of greenville say?

it made peace between the americans and indians

What is a good sentence for the word treaty?

The Pilgrims made a peace treaty with the Indians.

Why did many Americans oppose the peace treaty?

The Americans opposed to the peace treaty because many Americans objected it. They said it made the United states into a colonial power. Before the senate approved the peace treaty, a great debate took place.

Who was the governor who made the treaty between the pilgrims and the native Americans?

Between 1776 and the last treaties in the 1880's there were over 5,000 treaties made, this does not include the time period you are talking about - Pre-US history (Colonial History). During that time individuals were allowed to make treaties with the Native American's; so as a guess there could be a few 10's of thousands to choose from.

In what city was the Peace Treaty between America and England made?

The Peace Treaty between America and England was made in "PARIS" :)

What was the native Americans clothing made of around the time pilgrims arrived?

it was made out of buffalo hide and deer hide.

Which treaty was made to avoid war between Britain and the United States?

The Oregon Treaty was made to avoid war between Britain and the United States.

Who gave a feast to the pilgrims?

No one. They made it. the pilgrims did not receive the feast. they shared the thanksgiving feast with the native Americans to celebrate the good harvest, their friendship, and to givem thanks to the n. Americans for helping them

What is the name of the agreement made between the pilgrims?

the Mayflower Compact

What country signed the Adams onis treaty?

This treaty was made between the US and Spain.

Why was the Treaty of Paris called the Treaty of Paris?

cause a treaty is an agreement between countries about peace or trade and it was made in Paris

Which native americans helped the pilgrims grow and hunt for food and make peace with the wampanoag?

The sepertians helped the pilgrims grow and hunt for food and made peace with the Wampanoag

How did the Treaty of Paris affect the Native Americans?

Native Americans were forced to give up large amounts of land.

What is the difference between an alliance and a treaty?

An alliance is where you become allied with someone and a treaty is either the attempt to become an ally or the attempt to stop war. Example: The French were America's allies. Example: The Americans made a treaty to resolve the war with England.

How did the Americans win so much land in the Treaty of Paris?

They made a secret deal with the british

Native Americans demanded the government honor treaty obligations made at what knee?

Wounded Knee

Who did the Iroqouis confederacy make the two row wampum belt treatie with?

The first European group with whom the treaty was made was with the Dutch colonists. The treaty was also later made with the British, the French, and the Americans.

What are five things that the Pilgrims learned from the Native Americans?

The Pilgrims came to the Americas from the Netherlands. The pilgrims made their first settlement, Jamestown, in Virginia. This settlement at first seemed to be the perfect place for a settlement, but indeed it was not. There were many marshes surrounding Jamestown, so the mosquitoes were plenty.The Pilgrims' settlement was struggling with food and disease. The Native Americans helped the Pilgrims in many ways.They taught them how to harvest corn, which was important to the Pilgrims' food supply. They taught them how to make many tools, and to make use of the many resources around them.The Native Americans passed all of their knowledge to the Pilgrims, also teaching them how to hunt and fish.The Pilgrims were very grateful, so the invited the Native Americans to a three day long feast, at which they celebrated the success of a colony.This feast became later known as the first Thanksgiving.

Treaty of Ghent is different from other treaties?

No, it is not. It is an official treaty made between Britain and America on December 24, 1814.

Where was the Treaty of Versailles made?

the treaty was made in europe.

In what ways were the Pilgrims able to adapt to their environment after ariving in North America?

The Pilgrims adapted to life in north America in several ways. First, they made friends with the native Americans. The native Americans taught them to grow and eat corn. They adapted to cold weather by building square houses.

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